How long does it take before an unfinished item review resets?

I’ve heard 2 hours before, and that jives with my general experience, but I was wondering if anyone knew the exact calculation for it? If you leave a review hanging, how long is it before it’s reset to the pre-review status?

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I think it’s much quicker than that. I’ve experienced within minutes (maybe 30? Maybe less?) while doing reviews through the unofficial and older android app. Can be maybe as little as 10 minutes with a force refresh in a browser.

Been annoyed, actually, when trying to finish the other half of a review that just closed from app refreshing because I’d gone to look up what the difference between the kanji I’d just gotten wrong and what I’d confused it for on either Jisho in the browser or JED on my phone, and going back in under 5 minutes it’s been gone. (Happened to me twice yesterday, but was inconsistent, as the large review pile cycled differently - so some items I did the other half for and others later in the review I had to do over.) So pretty sure it’s closer to 10-30 minutes, but I wasn’t looking closely at the time so that is just a feeling.

It’s more than an hour… that’s going to cost me days on my current level. I typoed on a kanji I needed to level up, and I can’t install userscripts on this computer. As a result, I was just going to wait around for it to reset.

Gave it a shot after waiting an hour. Should have waited 2.

Huh, strange that it might be so inconsistent as that. There’s no way that it was an hour or more those two times yesterday that I was sitting.

: /

I’m getting super confused and also hoping for @rfindley to step in with a clear-cut answer.

I’ve switched devices before to get around this problem. I’d guess that an incognito browser would work as well.

This will get around the problem. I have done it before. As long as it is viewed as a different session.

@AnimeCanuck, I can’t explain what you’re experiencing, unless somehow you’re triggering a clearing of localStorage.

I checked the Javascript… it’s 2 hours. I also tested it on my test account, and the timeout showed up in jStorage as 2hrs.

Basically, each time you answer the first half of an item, it creates an entry in jStorage. You can see what’s there by typing this in the javascript console:


You’ll see something like this:

["questionCount", "completedCount", "wrongCount", "r/srsIndicator", "reviewQueue", "activeQueue", "questionType", "currentItem", "uids", "WKU/r/settings", "v169"]

At the end of the list, you can see my vocab that I tested, “v169”. Radicals start with ‘r’, kanji with ‘k’, and vocab with ‘v’.

If you want to filter out everything from that list except your half-done items, you can do this:

$.jStorage.index().filter(item => {return item.match(/^(r|k|v)[0-9]*$/) !== null});

which gives you an easier list like this:


If you want to check the time left on an item:


TTL means ‘time to live’, or basically time until expiration. The value is in milliseconds, so I divide it by 36e5 (i.e. 3,600,000), which is the number of milliseconds in an hour. My returned value was:


which means 1.6 hours. (It was 1.97 when I checked right after completing half of the item).

If you want to see what item a specific number corresponds to, you can enter a URL like this:

Obviously, this is the URL for my sample item ‘v169’ from above. As it turns out, this one is お兄さん.

You can manually delete it by doing:


Thanks for the details.

When I screw up like this, I just clear cookies and cache, restart the browser and login again. Other options would be using another browser or incognito mode, as others have suggested.

Or live with your mistakes. I know: this is a crazy thought.

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Yeah, it makes sense for me to wait 72 hours to start reviewing 35 unrelated kanji because my fingers fudged the word “cook” up.

That’s gonna make the difference in my learning process.

My thoughts exactly. Unless your learning process is 72 hours long, neither of these will have an effect on your learning process.

So another option is to just live with it.

The only reason to think that you shouldn’t be able to override this is because you think I should be reviewing how to type the word “cook” for the next 72 hours.

That’s what you think?

I know you don’t, and I understand why, but that is what finally convinced me to start using the ignore script. But before I started using the ignore script, if that happened, I would leave my browser alone and use the app on my phone to finish my reviews.

Not sure if you’d be interested in doing that but, in my opinion, would be better than waiting a few hours to redeem yourself. shrug Just a thought.

I do use the override script at home, but I can’t install scripts on my work computer.

As I said, the point of this topic was to find out the amount of time I needed to wait. I obviously jumped the gun.

Oh ok, gotcha. My apologies, I misunderstood.

You do not have a 2nd web browser at work? It does the trick and you do not have to wait the 2 hours.

Thanks, that information would have helped 11 hours ago. I was assuming that the information of your partial review was being sent to WK, so changing devices or browsers wasn’t something that I figured would have an effect.

It’s possible the old Android app does that!
Honestly it’s not the first time. Happens when I’m on the subway and lose my connection between a couple of stops, if I have to reload the page within the app (if the page “times out”).

I’ve got the app that’s not even on the Google Play store anymore. I grabbed it after it was already no longer supported, because I like it better than the newer one!

So I think that’s definitely it in my case. Only ever experienced this with my phone, so yep.

Thanks for the very informative answer.

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