How long do people wait before doing new lessons?

I just hit level 30, and so far I have always just done all lessons as soon as they unlock, but after being overwhelmed with reviews for quite a few weeks now, I’ve decided to wait before learning the level 30 content.

I’ve managed to reduce the number of items in apprentice, but the number in guru is only getting larger :sweat_smile: What are some peoples experiences with this, and any suggestions as to what numbers to aim for before learning more?


Start doing more lessons once you feel that the reviews aren’t overwhelming anymore?


I don’t like putting lessons off, but my review queue was occasionally unreasonable with something like 300+ the following day after completing a lesson, or maybe like 150 for two days in a row. In that case, I’d wait until the huge clump was cleared out and start the new batch of lessons the day immediately following.

Of course, if something like this happened on a day off work or the like, I’d just power through.


I usually do half of them when they unlock, then go until I get to the kanji the next day. The remaining few I do between reviews.

A good starting point is below 100 items in apprentice before doing new lessons. You can adjust that number up or down based on the work load you can handle. Apprentice items are the ones you’ll see making up the bulk of immediate reviews so that’s the one to pay the most attention to. I’d also recommend spacing out lessons when you do them so you don’t overwhelm yourself with new information. between 10-20 per day depending on how fast you want to level.


i got to the early 30s and found my reviews per day overwhelming. I completely stopped doing lessons for a few weeks, and now only do them if my reviews won’t go much above 100 per day for the next few days. It’s a slow way of progressing, but, with the ability to review mistakes and new lessons on the new system, I feel that I am learning the new material much better, and it’s enjoyable, not an anxious commitment each day. Depends on how anxious you are to “finish” WK.


Was going to suggest the same thing. My typical lesson batch each morning was about 20 items, and I would lower that if my apprentice count ever got higher than what I was personally comfortable with (which was about 150-200, depending on how busy I was at any given time).


I do 15 lessons per day, as soon as I wake up, so I can hopefully get every item to Apprentice 3. This way reviews are also more equally spread out between morning, noon and evening. If I see that there’s an overwelming chunk of Guru-Enlightened items daunting me, I just do my reviews and don’t learn anything new, until the scedule is nice again.
I had been doing 20 lessons a day for first 10 levels, but that raises review numbers too quickly for me. 15 seems like the most balanced way so far.


I did this same thing at level 30. Now every now and then I wait 1 or 2 days before doing lessons to let the strugglers get to guru as well

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Oh wow, I am much slower. I usually do 5-10 lessons per day unless swamped with reviews. I forget/ confuse kanji a lot so if I do too many at once, I keep making mistakes and waste time in the long run.


I also do 15 lessons every morning :upside_down_face:


Feeling overwhelmed is indeed a sign to take things at a slower pace. You need to last all the way to lv 60, so take care of yourself! how many to do each day is a trial and error process and just give yourself some time to find out what pace you wanna go at.

Good luck with your studies!

(as for me, I did all lessons at once all the way to lv 60. it suited me. to have days with no lessons, and others with more reviews. it’s not for everyone.)

I agree with the “below 100 apprentice” rule, but another thing that might be helpful is the Lesson Lock script (assuming you use scripts)

The default settings “lock” lessons at 100 apprentice, which lines up with the suggestions here. But I personally use the below settings for the scores so the score is the estimated number of daily reviews

I wouldn’t worry too much about your guru count rising unless you have a ton of leeches that keep moving back and forth between apprentice and guru


Disclaimer: I’m going slow

Generally, I do lessons after completing my reviews - 4 if it’s kanji or 8 if it’s radicals or vocab. I aim to do reviews about once a day but I miss some days.

If Apprentice is over 50 I might not do them.

Recently I had a lot of fails that bloated my Guru items, so if Guru > Master I don’t do new lessons. Doesn’t happen very often.


I haven’t heard about this before, I’ll have a look at it :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion!

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i tend to do my lessons all at once for the kanji but my method is learning the next level at the same time as the current level. With vocabulary i take that slow and do them in blocks.

If it feels like an overwhelming amount, I’ll chunk it into 5-10 lessons per review session and only keep going if I feel like it’s easy. At my level though,it only happened once when a lesson gave over 60 new things very soon after having new reviews.