How long did it take you to do the first level?

It has taken me a week and a half so far and I am close to being done with the vocabulary for the first level, is it normal to take this long lol? I can’t do my reviews in the morning typically so I have to do them after work and then between 4pm-11pm so I can get up at 5 in the morning and go to work, so I am missing out on some of the SRS time. They sent me an email making sure everything was okay since I was still on level 1 hahaha…


It took me 1945 days, so almost 5 years and a half to finish level 1. (That’s not standard, though)

The fastest you can finish level 1 is 3 days 10h. You need two to three reviews per day to achieve that speed, though.
With one review per day, the speed you mention is normal.


16 days 4 hours.

Yes. But basically it depends on your life and time management.


Can squeeze a few in here and there. Waiting on a bus or train. Lunch break, coffee break. Things like that.


Go with your own pace. Whatever works for you is the right speed. You don’t need to keep up with anyone but yourself.


It’s been a while, so I logged on the WK stats site and found that level one took me 3 days 16 hours. At that time I was really anxious to get started. :sweat_smile:

Like many of the others have said, pacing isn’t a uniform factor. It depends on a couple things:

A) Your accuracy (i.e., are you missing any items, even one?)
B) When you’re doing reviews (i.e., on time vs. when you have time to do them)

These are individual factors which become more noticeable over time. I think the best piece of advice is don’t waste your time comparing your pace to others because you don’t know the factors that affect their ability to do their lessons and reviews.

Every once in a while, there are some early level users who get concerned that there’s a special glitch on their account that prevents them from leveling up when they think they should’ve leveled up. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a confirmed case of this. Usually it’s because they forget that there was a mistake in one of their reviews or they aren’t doing their reviews in a timely manner. Not saying that this is your case, but if you’re wondering why you’re taking so long, please refer to this about how the leveling system works.


I am doing about the same time as you. I think you are doing fine!


It took me 15 days and 8 hours, although this was back in 2013 (:sweat_smile:) before they sped up the time it takes for the first levels.

Just go at your own pace.

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Well… First time through levels 1 and 2 for me were probably longer than avg…

I agree with the above comments that ya that is a perfectly fine speed. It all depends on when you are able to do them. It’s a go at your own pace thing. Be as fast or slow as you want/able to.


Two and a half weeks for level 1 seems to be about average. Although for me, I found my groove after that. In the beginning, I was doing maybe one or two reviews a day, but once I figured out how the whole system works, I started doing reviews in the morning on the way to work, at lunch when I was at work, and in the evening after work.

For me WK is a fun game so it doesn’t feel like I’m doing actual “work” so it’s great for when I just want to kill some time.

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My average time on each level has been 12 days, and I’m right on track to hit level 60 at the 2 year mark.

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I also get up rather early (4-5 am, depending on my schedule).

If you did your lessons at 5am, let’s say 15 lessons every morning, that’d be about 15 minutes tops.
Then you’d log in to WaniKani around 9am to 11am (Lunch break?) to do those 15 reviews, which I’d say is about 5 minutes.
Then you’d get on again in the evening and do all your reviews

The great thing about this is that this way, because of the way the WaniKani Intervalls work, all your old reviews will always be in the evenings.
Learning new items is only about finding those short times twice a day and then one long session in the evening.
You can go as fast as 8 Days/Level doing this.

Of course, this just a suggestion from a fellow morning warrior :stuck_out_tongue:

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oooh thanks! I Like your idea!

I think it took me about a week and a half to two weeks for me to get to level 2, and then another 3-4 weeks to get to level 3. I also got that same email asking if everything was ok, (although I got the “are you ok you’re still on level 1” a few days after I reached level 2 and I was like ??? and then I reached level 3 and got the “congrats for reaching level 2” email and I was like !?!?!?, though it’s all fixed now).
I can’t go as quickly as most people do so it’s taking me a good long while to get anywhere, but I’m steadily making progress.
So as long as you’re doing reviews as soon as they’re available and maybe throwing in a few lessons whenever you can then I’d say you’re doing good!

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It took me three days and 19 hours.

Then level 2 took me 17+ days because it fell over the Christmas period :smile:

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