How is coronavirus affecting your levelling?

Before coronavirus I would normally get the train to work everyday; coupled with the nature of my job (IT) I would have ample time to do lessons and reviews

  • Clear out morning reviews on the way to work and then do 10-20 new lessons by the time I get to the office
  • Once I’m at work I generally have time to knock off any reviews that pop up every hour or so
  • On the train back home, clear out any reviews I didn’t have time for and maybe do 10-20 more lessons!
  • Continue doing reviews for the rest of the evening as they appear

If all goes well, I’ll have a manageable review count every hour, with items learned at the beginning of the day at Apprentice 3 by the end of the day.

With coronavirus though, there’s no way I’m getting public transport, so I’m driving to work instead. Hooray! I get to sleep in later! But then this means

  • No reviews or new lessons completed at the beginning of the day
  • Everything’s super hectic working on our coronavirus BCP items as soon as I get to work. Barely any time throughout the day to complete lessons or reviews, even at lunch
  • Can’t drive and do lessons/reviews on the way back home either!

As a result this means a lot more work in the evening after a long day at work, making it more likely I might skip a day of lessons to take a break, but then of course the lessons will keep piling up and it’ll be even more overwhelming trying to smash them out the next week!

Bottom line, my average level up time has dropped significantly (wkstats says it’s now 9.5 days), with my previous level being my longest, at nearly 2 weeks(!). How has coronavirus affected your levelling? Is it slower now, or perhaps faster!


I haven’t been able to level up once since this started. This is by far the most time I’ve spent on one level


I haven’t used wanikani in over 6 months, but thanks to newfound free time I’m sort of getting back on the horse. I had to reset my progress from level 12 to 8, and I’ve been chipping away at a 700+ review log so no leveling yet.


Methinks you’re giving up too easily. As a non-driver who’s more than once come close to being hit by a car going through a red light while I’m halfway through crossing the street on a crosswalk signal, I can’t imagine your driving would be any less reckless than anyone else behind the wheel, even if you’re punching in hiragana letters onto a small scree with no tactile feedback.

Disclaimer: Do not follow any suggested or hinted at advice in the prior paragraph.

Losing my bus commute time took out both my main manga-reading time and my WK lesson time (even though this just means I’m home during that time). Over a month later, I’m still trying to work out a schedule.

Ah, I didn’t do any lessons today, still have my nighttime reviews to do, and it’s three minutes past my bedtime…


It’s highly likely I contracted moderate Corona virus. I’ve been sick about 4 days and it doesn’t seem serious praise crabigator. I’ve been able to keep up my normal pace.


I was on level 12, but had been set on vacation mode since 2015. I now have more time than I’ve had in years, so I thought it would be a great time to restart my studying habits. Flipped the vacation switch and tried to do some reviews - total blank on everything, so with 800+ reviews and 200 lessons piling up, I decided to wipe the slate clean and start fresh from the beginning. I’m pretty sure it’s going a lot faster this time, but we’ll see what happens!


7 years ago? I’m not sure of what but I feel like that deserves an award.


Really similar. Was Level 9 with 800+ reviews, stumped by the vocab and felt like I was guessing my way through it all. So went back to Level 1 and am glad I did it.


I keep the same pace. Thankfully for me, the only difference is that I work from home so instead of going to work by public transport and doing my reviews/lessons there I get to do them sitting in my cozy chair :slight_smile:


I no longer have a job and since I’m stranded on the other side of the world, job searching isn’t going too well. So this is the most time I’ve ever been able to dedicate to Japanese and I’m utilising it to the best of my ability :muscle:


Went from an average of seven days a level to thirty days spent on this level, but I’m finally getting enough motivation back to start tackling my review backlog.


Pre virus times
Before work I could do my reviews in the morning and do 5 lessons. I was averaging maybe 20 days per level.
I got 12 days off work and decided to go on a study binge so now I i do reviews as soon as I can and even levelled up. My memory isn’t so great so I only increased my lessons to 10.

I’m sort of keeping up with it better, but I had fallen off the horse around like…October last year. Trying to get back to under 20 days per level…Someday perhaps. xD

For me it affected it in a postive way. I can do reviews as soon as they pop up in home office. So my coworkers don’t see if I do reviews or not. Well its not very polite to be honest, but usually it takes just 5 minutes to clear out the reviews.

There should be a quarantine level for the people who are bored. Perhaps with pandemic related vocabulary. :stuck_out_tongue:


I went from not having really studied Japanese since 2015 to diving in head first and loving every bit of it.


I work from home now so I could sleep in too. Instead I wake up at the same time as always and do my lessons and reviews in the morning before starting work.

I actually started and stopped Wanikani at level 1 a couple of years ago. I started again in March and spend about 10 days per level. For now it’s perfect and I hope I can keep the same pace when I have to go to work again.

COVID hasn’t affected my pacing on WaniKani. It has, however, affected my studying habits and the amount of Japanese I study/consume, unfortunately.

Before COVID, I would wake up really early, sacrificing sleeping time, and head to my office (partially to beat rush hour traffic), listening to some Japanese on the way, and then spending a couple of hours on studying Japanese before my workday starts. After the workday ends, I tend to head to the gym and listen to some Japanese media during my workout. Then stay at the office for a couple more hours to study and listen on my drive back home. Thanks to COVID, I’ve been working from home for nearly the past two months and I’ve used that as sort of an excuse to sleep in nearly everyday, I don’t have the commute, and generally find myself spending less time on Japanese.

I’d say that I still spend a good chunk of time on Japanese, but it’s not nearly as intense as when I still went to a physical office. Something about being at home makes it difficult for me to sit down and “get in the zone” - I find that the time I would’ve normally dedicated to Japanese is used on sleeping and cooking instead.

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I really relate to your case!

Same here, WK is a strong habit by now, so nothing changed for it. Leveling up every ~8 days as usual.

But as for the rest… I used to wake up around 6am and study Japanese before work. After work I would go to the gym and then do some other useful things. And now with working from home I can’t force myself to get up until I need to be online for work. Then I end up wasting lots ofttime and working up till late. Often too late to be doing any studying before going to bed.