How I learned to stop worrying and love the radicals

So I’ve been learning how to write Kanji while using WaniKani to get a feel for how it’s done, but my memory works in strange ways and I have a hard time remembering how individual words look and how to write them, but yesterday while I had some down time I thought I would try practicing some of the vocab I was able remember off the top of my head, and found I was able to use radical compositions to write even the words I struggle with the most. I was so stoked!! Sometimes I feel too lazy to do reviews and lessons, but it’s moments like that that make it worthwhile


Good job! You’re going to be able to remember even more with a bit of hardwork.
I think radicals are a blessing. Thanks to it, I am able to learn kanji really easy. And bc of the stories behind them too. For me, radicals are the base of being able to memories kanji. The best things ever!
Did you learned the stroke orders too? Because I haven’t and i hope i won’t regret it later.


actually, I am learning chinese since december and the radicals learning is the feature that convinced me to give a try on Wanikani (and learn some japanese meanwhile). They are so useful to help memorizing characters’ composition.


I did learn stroke orders! I use an app called Kanji Tree that teaches all the stroke orders, meanings, and pronunciations. I recommend it! Also “Write It! Japanese” is a good one for learning how to write Hiragana and Katakana too :smiley:


Really? Thanks, I will give them a try. Another thing to learn!

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