How do you use the Self Study Quizz userscript?

I don’t use any scripts myself (just a personal choice; nothing against scripts!), but I’ve come up with two non-script techniques to review burned items (see my comment at Best Way to review burnt items - #13 by wct for the full details).

The ‘bigger’ more ‘structured’ technique (the main focus of that linked comment) is what I’m calling:

The ‘simpler’, less-structured way is actually just the ‘manual unburning’ part of a Rolling Reset, but you pick and choose which items to unburn, rather than systematically going from lower levels to higher levels:

I’ve been using these techniques for quite a few months now (I started with just ‘revisiting old friends’ but then started doing a full ‘rolling reset’ once I realized that it was actually enjoyable), and I find it works very well, for myself anyways.

I haven’t used any scripts like Self-Study Quiz, so I cannot offer an opinion on them or how they would compare to a rolling reset / revisiting old friends. But, it’s easy to imagine how these two methods work, because it is basically exactly the same as ‘resetting’ a Burned item back to Apprentice 1, and it immediately goes into your review stack, and then you just review it in the normal WaniKani way until you re-burn it again. [And, you can always manually re-Burn it if you no longer want to study it, since WK remembers that you’ve already burned it once, so you can re-Burn it again whenever you want.]

Hope this is a helpful alternative way of thinking about the situation, even if you end up preferring the Self-Study Script in the end anyway. Cheers! :smiley:

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