How do you organize your kanji on paper/in a notebook?

Hey! This is obviously for people who choose to their kanji down on paper as they go. Whatever your opinion on the matter may be, writing things down helps me remember them plus i’d like to learn how to have nice handwriting to send letters to a friend in Japan!!

So I know a little Japanese (maybe intermediate-beginner level??) and have put off learning kanji forever and so I’m just starting out.

I’m currently writing the radicals on flashcards and will do the same with kanji eventually, but right now I’m putting the kanji in a notebook.

HOW should I organize this? like…where to put the kanji, meaning, on reading, kun reading, etc???

I just want it to look organized and not overly complex. SO if you have any tips or links to a pic of how you organize on paper, please post it!!


Here’s how I do flash cards for individual kanji (apologies for the terrible photo quality).
IMG_20171025_224412 - Edited

IMG_20171025_224434 - Edited

If you’re doing it in a notebook, how you want to organize probably depends on which information you want to include and what you intend to use the notebook for.

I might do something like this, and possibly add it written out stroke by stroke to the right of the kanji:


Have you seen?

This is what I do…



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