How do people test their review scripts?

Hello, I was just writing a small script for personal use and was wondering how people go about testing their scripts. It affects reviews, and I don’t really know how to test it without actually doing reviews, which doesn’t really work when I don’t have any reviews to do.


You could make another account specifically for testing; the first three levels are free. And you can reset as often as you wish. It might happen that you run out of reviews at some point, but you could always reset and do lessons, that will give you new reviews after 4 hours.


FWIW, I’m a fan of the Testing Library.

I used it to create my GanbarOmeter userscript using test-driven development practices. There’s much to absorb, but the source for my script is on Github if you want to poke around.


I usually just test with Mt own reviews, but I also have a test account as well with a couple of hundred reviews on it.

There’s also a script that adds a fake review to your queue for testing, but I don’t remember what it’s called

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