How do I quote people? 🙈

For some reason I can’t work out how you quote when replying to someone on here. I’m using mobile exclusively. I click ‘reply’ under someone’s comment but it doesn’t seem obvious when published that it’s in response to that person… I see other people quoting and I much prefer the idea of that but I literally don’t see that option ha. Unless I copy paste and use HTML which… well, I’m sure there’s a shortcut, right?

Sorry this is so dumb :see_no_evil:

~ Elle :heart:


You can either select some text in the original post, after which a quote option appears, which is useful for quoting part of a post. Or use the quote-reply button, which looks like this:


That one quotes the entire post. :grin:


Yay!! Thanks!!



Like this :kissing:

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