How am I to catch up? What am I doing wrong?

When it’s time, how many lessons would you suggest I do at a time?


I am kidding, of course.

Figure out what is comfortable for you. Whatever will make it so you don’t want to give up. Hopefully you found the breaking point (congratulations again on having the courage and drive to drop that crazy number!) and you know where you DON’T want to be again.

I have a nice schedule setup for myself. My goal is to try to level up within every 10 days. Goal this year is level 15 and by Dec 2021, I hope to be 60 (but will continue the exercise for as long as it takes to burn it all!)

I do roughly 20 lessons every day. This has kept my apprentice level between 55-120 or so Apprentice items.

Today was different though. I understand a lot of spoken Japanese so I am at an advantage.

When I was doing my lessons today, I set the filter to 27 vocabulary (I have open Kanji but I try to close off all vocab from the previous level before I do the first set of Kanji on level up, but get them done before I get the next set with the Guru radicals). In those 27, there were maybe 2 I didn’t get. Since I had 82 lessons open at start and these were pretty easy for me, I did 10 more. I won’t go beyond 40 though. I have found I really regret the Guru/Master/Enlighten days when I have that many appear with other lessons.


Today’s update! While I have passed level 16, I am not doing any lessons/progressing to 17 for a while. I think I am just going to park here for a while…


Congratulations!! :partying_face: What an achievement!! Wanikani will be a lot more doable from now on!