What to do when you've fallen behind?

Hey Guys,
I’ve gotten to a point where I’m really struggling to keep up. I don’t think I’ve done a great job in solidifying the mnemonics if that makes sense so anything based on those is very weak.

Also, I’m like a couple hundred behind. Are there any apps that make it so only a certain amount of reviews show up that day? Does that make sense? Are there any apps that help people who’ve fallen behind?

Thank you!! Any tips are much appreciated.

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You don’t have to do all your lessons/reviews every day. The more lessons you do, the more it piles on the reviews.

  • Do as many reviews you feel comfortable with/have time for
  • Don’t do any new lessons while you have outstanding reviews

You reviews should slow down to a more manageable pace by themselves

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If you have a lot of apprentice items, I’d suggest stopping doing lessons for a bit, until that clears up properly. You can also use the usual leech training methods to get rid of those if you have them. Though on level 9, you’ll be alright very quickly. I would suggest rethinking your strategy if these mnemonics don’t stick. Ask yourself why they don’t. Do you maybe abuse a redo script? Or do you set yourself unreasonable expectations for the sake of setting them?

I think the main thing is to go at your own pace. You don’t have to finish everything all at once to get to level 60 right away. I stop doing lessons when my Apprentice count hits 75, and at that point I just do reviews as they come up - sometimes as few as 10 even if the queue is bigger. I get overwhelmed trying to learn too many at once, so slowing it down and making sure I know what I’m learning helps me feel like I have a sturdy foundation for the next stages. Maybe try something like that - limiting lessons or reviews - until you feel comfortable with where you’re at, and then start doing more a bit at a time.

When I’m behind and feel sluggish, I make a goal to, as often as I feel I can handle it, which might be once an hour, might be twice an hour, start a review session and then hit the wrapup button on my first missed item. This keeps the review session short so it doesn’t seem burdensome. The second goal is to try to manage the upcoming items such that I will wake up to fewer items tomorrow than I started with today.

And during these slumps, which sometimes can last a week, I suspend lessons entirely.

Particularly if you adhere to that second goal, you will eventually get back to zero review items and then all is happy again.

Cases like this are also where use of reordering scripts can help a lot.

Naturally, you’ll have review items in low Apprentice stages, which are quite important to hit as soon as they become available.
However, due to WaniKani’s default behaviour of randomizing the order of review items, it will often happen that those reviews don’t show up in time. And when they do show up (days) later, you’ll likely fail them again.

By using something like [Userscript] Reorder Buttons, you can make sure to do those reviews in time.

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