Hiragana match reading but marked incorrect

Hi all!

So I put in the correct hiragana for the water kanji but it was marked incorrect.
Is this a known issue? Or does anyone know of a reason this could have been marked incorrect?


That’s a small い

Are you typing “sui”? The correct way to type すい is “sui”.

Edit: oh, perhaps this happens if you type “swi”? The “swi” in “swing” is just there to be a way to remember the reading and tie it to a memorable English mnemonic.


Ahh, yep that’ll be it, thank you! Must have typed ‘swi’. I didn’t even know a small い was a thing, more learning required :slight_smile:


Its also possible you accidentally hit X, as it’s below S. Typing X immediately before typing a character will make it a small one.

Eg い: typing xi will make it a small one: ぃ


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