Highlight nouns, vocab, kanji, etc a certain color during reviews

Could someone please make a script that would give you the option to highlight onyomi kunyomi, nouns, adjectives etc a certain colour that you could pick? for instance say you want to display all na adjectives as red you could pick red and set it as that, so when your reviewing you will know that it is a NA adjective. it would also be good to have the option to display these colors before or after reviews as well. I realise that that the info for the kanji/vocab are listed below… but when I change my screen size to zoom in it’s cropped out. furthermore I think colour coding the kanji/vocab would mean you make so that you could subconsciously recognize a NA adjective etc?

I’m not to sure how difficult this would be to code?
or even how coding works.
but maybe if it is to difficult there could be a simplified version?
like every time the word noun appears on the page all text tuns red?
maybe that would be easier to make?

If anyone could make this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sounds like a way to cheat, especially showing anything to do with on’yomi and kun’yomi.

well you could just turn on the kunyomi readings after you submit your answer, and you could also optionaly have the colour for na adjectives before you submit your answer.
so you would only be cheating if you choose to? I personally wouldn’t set the on yomi and kunyomi colours before submitting the answers. but someone else may have a good reason for doing that?