Helpful apps to practice with? [Android]

I recommend Audipo to play sound files. The seek bar is very long, and you can play at x0.8. Also, I keep it separated from Music player.


I thought of Kobato from Haganai. ANIKI!!!

I am working my way through Human Japanese as well. I am about halfway through the intermediate and I think they are great apps for exactly what the OP was asking. I use them from 15-20 minutes sometimes when I have downtime at work. They seem well written and not like reading a textbook. Plus the instant audio of all the examples is really helpful.

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I like to practise a few kanji with Kanji Study. I’ve added a custom list of everything learnt in WK so far, split it into blocks of 25 and try one of those. A Japanese podcast playing in the background is also nice.

Someone has opened another thread about the same question. This thread was created first. I suggest we don’t duplicate this information.

@MeowMeow, if it is possible, could you change the topic title to include the word “Android”? This would help future members looking for helpful Android apps.

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I, a Regular, can add the word Android.


@polv, Thanks! I thought you had to be someone special like a moderator.

Oh I forgot we could do that. I guess it can be a useful feature! Eyy.

Also I think LingQ has its place. Even as just free content, you can pick content at your level that’s like diaries, news, radio, lessons, etc, and just read through it and listen to it. I suppose you could add the words you don’t know to Anki, but I’m not an Anki person. It’s handy being able to click the word, see the definition, add it as LingQ thingy to go over… but you lose that ability as a free member fast. Oh and apparently you can go through it sentence by sentence if you want, but I never tried that.

The power… it’s… to much!

Beat me to editing my own thread! I’ll check out Human Japanese. Also any specific card sets you guys would recommend for Anki?

Core 10k breakdown MEGA


How well does that 700mb file load into Android/sync with your account?

Are you using Candy Crush Saga to learn Japanese? :slight_smile:

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It’s a big (size) problem, but there is a workaround.

  1. Disable “Fetch media on sync”
  2. Copy “” folder manually to your Android device. It is here:-
  • /Users/user/Library/Application Support/Anki2/User 1/
  • /AnkiDroid/


Thanks for the tip.

Once that is done you can turn it back on? Or just leave it off?

I always turn it off, because syncing time is also a ‘big’ problem.

I honestly don’t need it synced. I just like having the option. Thanks.

This was my comment on the other post, might be helpful so I’ll post it here as well.

I like the wanikani app and I also use memrise.

I paid for the KanjiStudy app and I like that I can use it to practice drawing kanji. I make sure I can write the kanji I learn through genki and it works well for that. You can select kanji to put in custom groups and it’s infinitely customizable. I like to set it to quiz me and “force correct” which means I have to get it exactly correct or it makes me do it again from the start.

If you like HiNative you might also like the HelloTalk app. It’s like a social network for language learning. You can find Japanese people who are learning English and talk with them over audio or text and it has a similar correction system as lang-8 where you can post corrections that are pretty clear and helpful. There is a private messaging system and then an open board where people make posts about what they are doing and their lives in the language they are learning. It’s good practice and the corrections are really helpful. Especially since lang-8 signups are closed it’s a good substitute.

[quote=“polv, post:9, topic:17424, full:true”]I recommend Audipo to play sound files. The seek bar is very long, and you can play at x0.8. Also, I keep it separated from Music player.
[/quote]I followed your recommendation. It’s great. 0.75 speed works perfectly for my listening comprehension.

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