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Sorry if this a silly question but Since I am approaching my Big 4 (and fully commit to WK) I was browsing the community and was happy to learn all about useful apps and other resources to help my journey in Japanese language. I am asking for your help for this topic (Absolute Beginners Book Club // Now reading: Hunter × Hunter) and everywhere else in general. is it the most up to date one? if so why does it say Jan 1st 2019? if not where I can find the most up to date one?
Again I apologize if this was a silly question but sometimes when I read some of the community pages a lot are super old that feel like no longer maintained yet there is always one or 2 recent replies that get them to the top of my feed. which is only giving me a feeling that I am in an empty town and the last train out the town is long gone.

As far as なぜどうして 科学の話 yes it is an up to date thread that we are working on daily. Unless there is an older thread but I am pretty sure book 1 was skipped for lack of kanji. I don’t know why it says 2019, we started the book on January 1st of this year so they may have mixed up the dates. If you arent sure if something is current just check out the latest comment’s date :slight_smile:

Also, even if a book club is already over on a book you are on or want to read, feel free to ask any questions you have and people will likely chime in to help.


Pretty much, yeah. Also, it’s not that it’s book 1 in a 1-2-3 series, but rather that it’s a book intended for first-year students (while this book is for second years).

Ah, everyone knows that January always takes place in a period that occupies both the old year and the new year simultaneously.


thanks! I can just assume that for the most part it is just some bug then.

What bug? The topic was created in January 2019, so it says January 2019 for the first bunch of posts. Go to the latest post to see the most recent conversations.

To add to what @seanblue said, the aforementioned thread is the “home thread” for the Absolute Beginner Book Club. Each book being read gets its own separate thread, which is linked to from the first post in the home thread. The book’s thread has links to each week’s reading. The most recent week’s thread in the current book will have the most recent conversation.

This gives a hierarchy:

  • Absolute Beginner Book Club home thread
    • Individual book home thread
      • Individual week’s discussion thread

This makes sense over time with multiple books:

  • Absolute Beginner Book Club home thread
    • Individual book home thread for なぜ?どうして?科学のお話
      • Individual week’s discussion thread for week 1
      • Individual week’s discussion thread for week 2
    • Individual book home thread for わんわん探偵団
      • Individual week’s discussion thread for week 1
      • Individual week’s discussion thread for week 2

You get used to it over time, and you’ll find it makes sense, even if it does feel a bit convoluted at first to have so many threads. (There’s really no other way to go about it.)

(There’s also one higher level to the hierarchy, which links to book clubs of different difficulties.)


may I ask then why there is a discussion on that thread?

now that you mention it I can see the hierarchy but it still does not really makes sense if it all over the place at the first glance. This could be just me having a major brain fart or something. but it is really confusing when the first thing you see in the thread is the spine off and the lack of year is also just frustrating given that is made over 1 year ago. again this could be me with less than average understanding but for somebody to be average halve must be below average :confused:

The purpose of that thread is to nominate books, vote for which ones to read, and generally discuss what books would be good to read. Once a book is selected, a new thread for that book is created.

I guess I was too much of digital “freak” as I would have a discussion and announcements separate usually. But I can see why not, as it is not work just people volunteering their time. thank you for the clarification

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