Help with Tai/Dai


I keep getting words wrong with big. for example, I get taisetsu (important) correct, but I get daiki (Atmosphere) wrong, I write Taiki. I know for example that daigaku or daigakuin have dai not tai, but why?? I thought tai became dai when rendakued, but there is no phrase infront of daiki or daigaku that would cause rendaku such as in hitobito.

some help would be appreciated,

thank you.

(Note - on chromebook and too lazy to switch to JAP - so sorry for romanji.)

EDIT: Thank you for pointing out that daiki is incorrect, it is taiki.

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γŸγ„γ is correct for atmosphere, not だいき.

Often just talking about it here can help people remember.

That’s not rendaku for 倧. It just has multiple, similar readings.


I confirm the confusion is getting worse, as γŸγ„/だい vocabulary keeps on adding in the upper WK levels.
Do people have mnemonics to memorize if a word will be tai or dai?

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