[HELP!] What food is this? "Nasu Ivura Itame"


Hi peoples.

I’m googling images of food in this menu but I cannot find this “Nasu Ivura Itame”.

I understand that Nasu means Eggplant while Itame means stir fry. How about Ivura? Is that even a Japanese word? :sweat_smile:

I would really appreciate if you can show me how it looks like. Thank you. :tangerine:


I showed this to a native speaker and he didn’t know what it was. His best guess is fried eggplants?

Smoked and fried eggplants??? @orenchkanji


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Well, it seems that in the Karanga dialect of Shona, the language of the Bantu people native to Zimbabwe, it means water.


Damn this restaurant trying to be fancy with their food names.

So maybe I can just say that it’s something like a stir fried eggplant. hmmm

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lols what!


I too use WaniKani to learn Shona - the language of the Bantu people, native to Zimbabwe. Unozviita sei


Nasu tomodachi? :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Srsly tho. I think smoked and fried eggplant is the closest. hmm

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You have no mercy. I’m in the middle of chores trying to help you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Salamat po!

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De nada po.

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It feels like it could be a typo
(As in “nasu ikura itame”)

If there’s ikura in it, that’s what it was :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I thought at first, but I don’t see how you’d make that typo

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I’ve done way worse while doing reviews on WK.
Looking at the text, I was like “those keys aren’t even close to what I meant to type”.

Edit: Except if you try to type it iCura


What is an Ikura?

Maybe they want to type it as Icura but instead of “C” they pressed “V”.

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Ikura is this thing (salmon egg):

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Oh we’re thinking the same thing haha

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Eggplants with ikura sounds gross, although they are both my favorites when cooked separately :joy:

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