Are Japanese Food Menu Items Coming?

So, I’m in Osaka rn and the biggest thing kicking my but are the menus! Through constant exposure I’ve learned 燻製(くんせい) witch means “smoked” in the contexts that I’ve seen it on menus, but that’s it. Anything else coming? I’m on lesson 7 rn


I would love this! I’m a hungry boi, so I’m up for anything gastronomical.


I think 豚肉 ぶたにく pork got moved to level 6 recently.
Food and food menus are a great but challenging ‘use case’ but I don’t think you will encounter an avalanche of related vocab in WK. Better to look stuff up depending on what type of restaurant you’re visiting.

I use this Romaji guide for 焼き鳥 yakitori, just to know the different types. They’re listed on the menu at my local place mostly in hiragana:


The list doesn’t have my favourite, 鳥ハツ(heart). Also セセリ(chicken neck) is pretty nice.

Another name for すなぎも is すなずり, chicken gizzard. This one I don’t like that much.

But the absolute worst is とりかわ, chicken skin :nauseated_face:


You’ve never tried なんこつ, have you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh I don’t hate it as much. 梅水晶 is something I don’t even mind that much.

But any type of cartilage or almost pure fat (like skin) is not something I’d go for.

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