Help, Memrise is becoming troublesome... Anki?

So, today Memrise rolled out some new strange UI stuff. I haven’t found anyone that likes it, but that’s beside the point. The point is, it just so happened that today two of my courses seem to be glitched. I completed the JLPT N5 Vocab course a little while back and occasionally get some reviews from it. But today it says I have over 1000 reviews to do and all but one to review in another completed course… I know there is no way that I learned or reviewed that much content all at once, which means the SRS is off, right? Something does not seem right. I am not interested in dealing with that…

Anyway, I’d like some guidance in replacing my Memrise Courses. I need to continue reviewing and learning more vocab. On memrise I completed the N5 course and made it half way through N4. Also working on Japanese counters and animal names. Is there a great magical Anki course that would include all that I need? If there is, please somebody teach my how to use Anki. I have it but never use it… Also, I have been using JALUP Next and own all of the current decks. I wonder how much vocab that teaches…? Links to decks and or Anki tutorials would be appreciated. Thanks.


Unless you want to make fancy decks with all kinds of bells and whistles, isn’t using Anki pretty straightforward? It’s ugly, but you just import decks and do reviews. I don’t like that the default doesn’t require you to input anything for the answer, but some people don’t mind.


Hey, for some reason I am only able to learn 9 words with that deck despite having downloaded the entire thing. It says congratulations you have finished for each set… I would ask Hinekidori himself, but that post of his is locked. Do you know what’s going on?

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