Help me find a word

So I’m looking for the Japanese word for “play/put on” in the following contexts:

“This bar only plays music from the 80s.”


“Can I put on/play my favourite album for you?”

Dictionaries have not helped me. Any ideas?


btw the sentence I’m trying to translate is:
“in my house, pop music plays on repeat”

any punts?

I only found 弾く - to play piano/ guitar

Maybe it’s just 音楽がある

Maybe 「再生」? That at least is the word for “play” as in “play a song recording”.

really? 再 meaning “re-” or “again” and 生 meaning “life”? the word “reborn” comes to mind…

thanks though


you’re right, according to the japanese dictionary


but i guess that means to “replay”?

To put on music is 音楽をかける:


i wonder how to use it as an intransitive verb though?

for example, in my sentence:

“in my house, pop music plays on repeat”


That’s passive.

Music is played (sense of broadcast/distributed)

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In the context of a radio station playing music, your sentence works well, but for playing music at home?

In English I guess the usage is quite odd.

i’m wondering if I can’t use 出る


It’s the same either way. It means to play music, but not like personally with your hands.

ah, ok. thanks a bunch

yes, i think you’ve got it. i found this example in my japanese dictionary


which would imply i can use it in active voice but omit the subject


Yeah, I think that would seems right.

Then again, running it by a native is always better.

i did and you’re right! according to my native friend:

“can i put on some music?”


“music is playing”



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