Help finding a big ole .pdf of graded readers?

Hey, folks.

A few months ago, I came across a link to a .pdf of like, a dozen graded readers. It was like, 75 pages long, and I remember one book was called 白黒 which had a funny (to me) like about “crow/くろ”.

Any help finding this link or file again would be so appreciated! Ive seen links to individual readers, but it was so convenient to have a whole load of them together.

Thank you in advance!


Literally downloaded that pdf yesterday and laughed at the crow thing. They’re from Tadoku and free to use/share :slight_smile:

Here’s a condensed pdf with many of them:


Hah! Just saw the Crow bit you’re talking about. Very punny :slight_smile:

Also, 「自転車がありません!」:grin:

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Thanks for pointing out that it contains the free editions. I didn’t realise there were now so many!

Thank you so much!

They’re great! Some of them are genuinely kind of funny. Love community-made stuff.

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