HELP! Can I finish WaniKani in a year? 😰

In a year, you can get significantly far enough to be able to get by. You can get to like level 40 or so at a fairly comfortable pace. That is still a lot to have learned. Plus at that point you will have gotten significantly better at learning new kanji, so you should be more able to tackle new kanji on your own. Still though, obviously the ideal would be to finish it all the way out. Since it sounds like your situation is less than ideal, maybe settling for 40 is good enough. Not sure though, just my 3 cents. Best of luck.


Psssst. Hey, kid, I got the goods . . .

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Edit: I think it works for monthly and yearly subscriptions but sadly not the lifetime subscription.


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Do you have plans to maintain your Japanese once you begin studying Arabic? If you cram hard in Japanese for a year and then do the same with Arabic, you’ll probably forget all your Japanese during that year of Arabic.

I studied French for 3 years, then Japanese for 1.5 years, then Arabic for 2 years. Now I can’t speak any of those languages. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you get to level 60 in a year on wanikani and then stop reading Japanese, I’m sure you lose your kanji real quick.

Also, I would agree with TamanegiNoKame. You could easily get to a lower level on wanikani and that might be a more meaningful, realistic target.


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There is a wonderful guide about “The fast way” in WK. I do it and it’s very manageable. I level up every week (7 days), don’t feel stressed and I’m leaning SO MUCH!

Cheers to @jprspereira for that. Great guide!!

And if you are asikg: when will I be what level? When do I know X percent of N3 Vocab / G6 Jojo Kanji /…?
Here you go:
(You will find your API Key under

~T :lion:

Edit: there is a wonderful website where you can watch anime with japanese subs. Perfect for learning japanese at an intermediate level :slight_smile:
Don’t want to post it here, but google something like “anime with japanese sub” should lead you the way.


My one-year anniversary of registering on WK is May 27, if that gives an idea. You won’t reach level 60 but you can certainly learn the great majority of kanji you’ll see in a year.

But keep in mind that it doesn’t do much good if you don’t also study grammar, and it’s extremely time consuming to do both grammar and WK full speed. I haven’t been able to myself!

And I also share the concern you’ll forget it all within months of starting Arabic. SRS can only work so much, 4 months is good but burning an item doesn’t guarantee retention (especially if it was a fortunate guess).


He said he has being studying grammar for the past 14 months, so he should be alright. Reaching level 60 is not necessary, and if he really wants to he can just buy a couple of months after the end of the yearly subscription. It’s not an ideal situation, but I think he can learn a lot in one year, so it’s worth it.


Do you at least passively know the languages?

I recently spent about 2 years in France [more than 10 years after my last French classes]. I don’t believe my high school French helped me. I more or less had to start over from scratch. It’s possible that my earlier exposure made it easier to learn a second time but I never felt like I “unlocked” my previous French level or was able to do any bootstrapping.

While I was studying Arabic I studied abroad in Egypt. By the time I left, I was very comfortable in day-to-day interactions and basic conversations. While living in France I spent a week in Morocco [about 8 years after studying Arabic] and by the end had recalled a few expressions (“I want to drink some water”) but that was about all. Arabic script is pretty easy to read and I haven’t lost that ability–although I’ve forgotten all but some basic vocab and grammar–even passively.

And the same with Japanese. I didn’t think my Japanese level was very high, but after self-studying genki 1 and a year of wanikani, I was unable to read an essay I wrote near the end of my Japanese studies [in university].

At least for me, the matra is true: use it or lose it. :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Speaking of which, my somewhat conversational French is about to take a dive into the toilet, now that I’m living in Japan.:cold_sweat:


That’s so interesting, though! Must have been amazing to live in so many countries, visit different places and speak those languages.

Use it or lose it is definitely true. At least for me. I studied Swedish for like 10 years and while I can understand a lot, trying to hold a basic conversation is a struggle. :'D Same with German, I studied it for three years in high school, didn’t use it at all in uni and have forgotten most of it.


Very interesting, glad I’ve learned this the easy way.

Lesson definitely learned, thanks for sharing your experience.


I agree. I spent lots of years in school having to learn French since I live in Canada, but since nobody around me actually speaks French it just kind of sat in my brain and disappeared. My goal with Japanese is to be able to read most higher level texts and watch anime without subtitles. I’ve got ahold of some manga that’s actually in Japanese (Fullmetal Alchemist) and I have a few books in it too. I’m determined not to forget what I learned in Japanese because I actually have a passion for it, unlike French, which I always kind of hated because I could never get my mouth to make all the sounds.
I mentioned to someone else above that I’ve been studying grammar, sentence structure, conjugation etc. for over a year now so I think I’m good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Whoops, that was a pretty major fact to miss. :flushed: Sorry OP.

Basic answer - you can definitely learn enough so go for it! Just make sure you get enough exposure after.

And yes, despite growing up in Montreal my conversational French has been fairly limited since I’m mostly around anglos, which is a shame. My friend otoh grew up in a French speaking house which made a big difference.

There’s lots of bragging about 7-11 day level ups… it hardly makes it average. (Average people just give up and never reach these levels) One time I checked a few people in the archives who bragged about fast leveling up and found that, they had progressed very little compared to what they were bragging about. Yes, there are people who can muster this pace, but this is only doable if you are a very good memoriser and keep on top of leeches AND can dedicate the time. At some point, your burn rate must at least equal your lesson rate or workload will grow.

Speaking personally, I let leeches get out of control and my last 20 levels probably took a month each. I am NOT what I would consider a good memorizer, and have somewhat limited time to dedicate to getting things done. I am, however, very tenacious. Level 60 took me 3.5 years to reach, but I did it. Now I’m in the process of resurrecting kanji and re-learning the ones I’ve forgotten during that time period - it’s much easier the second time through! For me a lifetime subscription was worth the money - I’m still using WK daily and about to cross my 4 year anniversary.


That is cool bro! I can’t wait to finish my Japanese myself I love it

You can reach lvl 60 in about 355 days at the fastest pace; so you could actually have everything at least gurued by the end of a year, but it’s just insane, that pace demands you to wake up in the middle of the night to do some reviews.

What most people with a fast pace do, is doing normal levels in 7 days (so you have 4 hours leeway) and fast levels in 3.5 days (2 hours leeway) that pace also guarantees you reaching level 60 in about a year… With the difference that you get to choose exacty at what time you level up so it doesn’t compromise with your current lifestyle. So if you follow said routine, you’ll be at lvl 60 in May next year, yet you’ll need at least 6 months to burn everything, but this is something that shouldn’t be a problem even if you begin learning arabic, because you’ll have the means to help yourself.

I’m myself trying to get to lvl 60 in exactly a year, so far i still have 3 days free… i imagine them like timeouts… and you shouldn’t use a timeout in the first half of the game… since the last 12 levels are short, that’s where i believe pressure builds up.

Anyway, go for it. You’ve time


Hey @tmahrt it’s your cakeday soon. How’s the move to Japan, I hope you’re enjoying your new country of residence, your job, your colleagues, the local food, but most importantly, the local language!


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@plantron HEEEEEELLLLLOOOOO!!! Thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to believe I’ve taken a 3 month hiatus from the forums! I think my days of actively posting are over. :’(

But, I have so much to share! I’ll make a new post about it. :slight_smile: