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Hi everyone, I just started using WaniKani this week. I’ve been wanting to learn Japanese for a while now so I finally decided to take the plunge. So far I’ve taught myself to read hiragana and katakana and a few basic kanji. Besides WaniKani, I’ve been using Tae Kim’s guide to Japanese, Anki and a bit of Duolingo (although I’m not a big fan). I was wondering if you guys had any good resources you could share that you use to help you learn Japanese.


WaniKani and iKnow are the two resources I can’t recommend highly enough. Between the two of them you’ll be set on vocabulary all the way up to N1.

I think iKnow only take vocab to N3-N2, though. WaniKani is a little higher (N2-N1), but it is not intended for vocab.

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I didn’t know about “iKnow” (I am expecting a drumroll after this lame sentence -_-) Thanks for sharing since I am quite desperate about learning vocabulary.

For iKnow, I mean http://iknow.jp. There are also exports to Anki and Memrise.

There is a version on Anki sorted by WaniKani levels, here. For more of Anki, see https://community.wanikani.com/t/So-Much-Vocab/12050.

Thanks a lot, I was checking iKnow now but since the pricing is a lil high for me, so I’ll definitely go with the Anki cards you suggested. Downloading them now. Again, thanks a ton!

I’ve been using Tofugo as well. I highly reccommend them, but as you already know hirigana and katakana it may not help you personally.

Actually, you’re right, I stand corrected. iKnow only goes does Core 6000, and N1 requires about 18,000 vocab words. I do like that iKnow lets you put in custom vocabulary though, so if you wanted to you could put those other 12,000 words in the system and it would SRS them the same as their default words.

It’s more like half that, but of course, it’s always just an estimate. It’s not like a list of 10,000 official words exists anywhere.

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