Hello, any thoughts?

In order to avoid being a statistic, have solid goals (both short-term and long-term) which will help remind you why you’re studying Japanese. You need to develop established study habits so that major or minor blips in your life don’t derail your progress. Study Japanese in a well-rounded fashion will afford you opportunities to be successful at something (e.g., include grammar studying, listening practice, writing practice (handwritten, typed, or both), speaking practice, etc.). Have a person or a group to help you stay motivated/accountable (preferrable a fellow learner) and be ready to drop people who are negatively affecting your studies (i.e., people who have nothing constructive to help you with your studies). Be sure to enjoy yourself in your studies; negativity (excessive anxiety, etc.) affects one’s ability to acquire language skills. EDIT: Be sure to check out these resources as well.

Wish you the best!