Having an example of 男 read as なん


So I just burned the kanji for man (男) and looked closer to see if, maybe in the future, were would be a word or words to help drill in the other onyomi reading なん instead of just だん, but realized there isn’t. I know the なん reading isn’t super common but does appear in a fairly common word (at least in the area of Japan where I live) like 長男(ちょうなん) (eldest son). I was wondering if possible that could be added? I think that just one word would be added (possibly after learning 長). While I use Wani Kani as more of a review, I can see how this possible could be helpful to new learners. Do other users think this would be helpful?


I think it’s fine as it is since it covers the most common readings. And the なん reading seems to be exclusive to referring to sons, 長男, 三男, etc., so it wouldn’t be as widely applicable as the other readings.


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