Have you used Smile Nihongo Academy by Yuko Sensei

I’m on Level 6 in WaniKani, and I’m really feeling the need for something structured to help me practice speaking, listening, and making original sentences. I’ve watched some of Yuko Sensei’s free videos on Youtube and liked them. But has anyone bought her course and thought it was worth the money? (She is having a 33% off sale on her complete course right now.)

(I have also been watching Cure Dolly’s Youtube videos and her presentations on the structure of Japanese make a lot of sense to me. But I don’t think that her suggestion to learn speaking and comprehension by immersing in Japanese videos and stories is what I need right now.)


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Well, I guess nobody has. In any case, I decided against it on the basis of cost, even on sale.

If you’re okay spending money, then I recommend iTalki or something similar where you can take one-on-one lessons and have it structured the way that fits your style best.
There’s also language challenges and prompts in the community section of iTalki for free, where you can write (and maybe record? not sure) your own sentences and have native speakers give corrections and advice.

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