Ways to study Japanese conversation?

Hello, I am wondering what resources there are to learn how to speak and have a conversation in Japanese? I’m not sure if WaniKani has vocabulary to teach you conversation because i’m not far in it, but if it does i’m sorry for the post. I do want to start learning conversation as soon as possible, so knowing what there is to learn it would be nice.


iTalki is usually the best recommendation at the moment. But there are other ways of finding speaking partners that don’t cost money, but it’s a little more trouble, I think people often use HelloTalk and HiNative. You can search for speaking practice on the forums to find more info.

There’s a very recent iTalki thread for people’s experiences with that platform too, see: iTalki general speaking practice thread

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I personally love Pimsleur. It’s pricey, but well worth it as a beginner if you can stick to it.

Also, if you mean how you can learn grammar, check out the The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

I got the first of these resources recently:

I’m going through it slowly, but I think it’s helping my listening and a bit of my speed.

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