Have you had a Japanese dream? What was it about?

I had my second ever Japanese dream last night. I only dream in Japanese if I have a long period where I am consistently thinking in Japanese and speaking Japanese.

In my dream, I was at the drug store shopping for some things. My ADHD got the better of me and I left the store without paying. I realized after taking one step out the door and went to get back in line, but I ended up holding the door for someone and forgetting again to pay for my things. I only took a couple steps out of the store, but that was long enough for the cashier to call the police. I apologized and tried my best to explain the fact that I had ADHD and my mind was elsewhere thinking about what a busy week I’ve had. Then the police came and I explained it to them too. In the end, charges were dropped and I was allowed to pay for my items and leave in peace.

How about you guys?


I was just going to start a topic like this, because I had a Japanese dream a few nights ago. It is not as good as your dream because my Japanese fell apart.

I was driving South from Bethlehem PA, on a route that I did not know. I stopped at a shop in a small town to ask for directions. The shop owner started telling me directions in English. I replied はいそです. Then, she switched over to fluent Japanese. I was totally confused. And lost.
I woke up giggling like crazy.

I am still hoping for a Japanese dream where I can understand Japanese.

I think the root of this dream is that I have some kind of wishful thought that the people around me can speak Japanese, and I will be able to practice speaking with them.
Not much chance for that in rural Pennsylvania.


I often dream in Japanese. Koichi’s avatar chased me. I ran away but seemed to be gliding anyway. And I changed. I became Batman. But Koichi’s avatar was no longer there. He disappeared. Puff. He reappeared right in front of my face and no matter how hard I ran away. He was always there. I realised I had no body, no arms, no legs at that time, but I could see Koichi’s avatar and heard what he said. It’s one word dream. He kept saying this: “Kou!” From the beginning until I woke up.

I can’t count how many times I dream in Japanese. I once had simple Japanese conversation but I couldn’t remember that dream again the moment I woke up. I think this one is the only Japanese dream I remember. The settings could be different, from the darkness to Emptiness, another dream could be from Tokyo Tower to Okinawa, but the chasing is more or less the same like the one I shared above. Also the chaser could be not Koichi’s avatar. It could be a ghost but I didn’t see her face because I was busy wondering why I kept running but I ended up to be gliding and I didn’t want to see the face of a ghost, so all I heard was just “Chou!” on and on and on.


So you either subconsciously understand a lot of Japanese or it was all actually nonsensical. :laughing:

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I dreamed I was taking the densha to Kyoto and bought an eki-ben at the eki.


I’m enjoying reading about these!

I can understand and speak Japanese relatively well, but I tend to rely on simple grammar and avoid passive voice like the plague. I also make errors from time to time.

In my first Japanese dream, I could understand what people said but not really communicate back.


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