Does the Crabinator dream of electric Kanji?

ever since starting my wanikani journey two weeks ago I’ve often found myself having dreams/nightmares about Kanji. Strange incomprehensible characters looming out of my subconscious.

its funny, a little weird, and mildly disorientating. I’m trying to tell myself that somewhere amidst it all my brain is processing the content im learning.

anyone else having/had similar experiences?


Not yet. I do have strange dreams, but not yet of Kanji.

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for a while i heard strings on nonsense syllables/kana as i was falling asleep. but as listening comprehension has improved, that’s gone away again (i still don’t understand most of what i hear, but my brain’s learned how to handle it).

Can’t say I have

I sometimes think my young kid is speaking Japanese when he’s talking to himself, making up nonsense words, when he’s in earshot but I’m not paying full attention. It’s like my brain is trying to parse it, but fails.

I’ve had a few vocabulary dreams when I do too many reviews close to bed, like playing a video game too close to bed, the images still rattling around in my brain.

I’m getting it more from Bunpro, fragments of phrases and conjugations bouncing around my head. ほうがいい and ている and stuff like that.

I have had several dreams with kanji in them. One night I dreamed I was writing kanji on cases of Coke. A couple nights ago I was also writing kanji on a blackboard at school. Strange!

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I’ve had dreams of speaking broken japanese and a japanese person correcting me, while in full japanese lol. I think I have not dreamt of written kanji but instead I have heard kanji compounds.

Also, when hearing undecipherable languages (for me) my brain automatically starts looking for japanese and hearing jukugo where there isn’t. For example when hearing korean before realizing it’s korean.


I once had a dream that I was talking to a Japanese person in really terrible Japanese with some equally terrible French thrown in and he was complimenting me over and over. I was getting really annoyed because I thought he was being sarcastic and people were reassuring me he was being genuine and I’m like…“Why?? I sound terrible!!”


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