Happy Level 30!

Today marks the day I have reached level 30 in Wanikani! It’s been over a year since I started. I started when I was living in the US, but have since moved to Japan, and my experience living here while doing Wanikani has been quite spectacular. Slowly I’ve been able to comprehend more and more of the world around me. Language learning is really amazing!

Being able to practice my newly learned vocabulary with my friends and Japanese tutor has been essential. It helps with recall a lot. They’re also able to help me learn the situations in which words are used (or when they’re not used at all lol).

In terms of how this feels going about Japan… I can read probably most of the kanji sprinkled throughout life, such as simple restaurant menus and signs in the train station or on the bus. I cannot read more complicated restaurant menus with specific food kanji nor fully comprehend the subtitles on Japanese TV. Basically, if I needed to, I could go about life here fairly easily, but I cannot fully appreciate everything yet. I shall continue to strive to the level where I can comfortably read manga fully in Japanese!


Pretty awesome to see how much you can already read with only half of the kanjis available on wani kani! :raised_hands:

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