Happy again :-)

Hey, so I finally managed to reach lvl 60 for the second time, so here are a few of my thoughts.
1.) DON’T reset your progress ever!
2.) Seriously, don’t. Use burn manager to resurrect your items.
I reached 60 a few years ago, when I was visiting Japan for a few times, but after my last time, I never quiet got back to it, and neither got I back to studying anything Japanese. Well, I don’t complain, since priorities in life can change. So sometime, I decided to go back to somehwere between lvl 10-20 (I think 19?), but I also had to redo a lot of the older vocab/kanji just to distinguish the “easier” ones from the >20. Memory is bad. If you don’t constantly expose yourself to Japanese, you will forget.
Also, maybe you know the feeling of learning a few hundred Kanji and even then staring at the page of a book not being able to remember them in that context. Or not recognizing them in the wild at signs or in menus, or not being sure if you’re really able to tell very similar ones apart from each other (or maybe it is a kanji you’ve never seen, and you now you’re bad with the ones with 竹 on top, like 籍 and 簿, which I find have similar meanings, too, or this bunch of horror: 縛 編 絞 織 締 )
3.) WaniKani gets easier to - even unintentionally - cheat in the higher levels. This time, I used it to my advantage to just quickly get to lvl 60 again (e.g. reordering, and auto-submit when you get the reading/meaning right without pressing enter, or adding too many synonyms), also I think the routine and even the colors prompt my brain to get a lot better at recognizing kanji and vocabulary (the red/pink background). Even the kanji that usually go together, because they’re from the same levels, help to better remember other ones from that level - but that’s not how reading Japanese in the wild works, you’ll see kanji from lvl 20 together with kanji from lvl 40…

What really helped me to get better was (at first) the Pimsleur courses, but they are really expensive. Then also the “Kanji Study” app, where you can write kanji and let the app check wether you’re correct. Don’t trust yourself like (yeah, I kinda got it right). I think our brains (at least the parts concerned with language) work a lot like generative AI, they just start to hallucinate and find justifications for why they really, really, no really don’t make a mistakes and were right all along. Lately, I’ve been also using kamesame, great for the reverse direction. And now, I’m starting to resurrect all the Kanji I’ve burned so far, to get a different bunch of them together. Yeah, that means reviews with 200+ items at once. But I just rush through them, I guess about half of my mistakes are just typos (goo instead of good), but I don’t care, since seeing them again is actually a good thing. I can also recommend comprehensible input, especially this page: https://cijapanese.com/

All that being said, I think I will still enjoy a lot of time redoing everything :slight_smile:
Very thankful for having WK!


Congratulations and Thanks for your tips!

Just started level 5 today and I gave the reverse wanikani a try. Immediately could see the value so i will use it in parallel to support memorization.

I couldn’t find the kanji study App on IOS but that would certainly have been useful as well. Will keep looking for a substitute.



Congratulations on making it to level 60…TWICE! That’s a big deal. Hopefully, you won’t need to go through WK again and you can move on to bigger and better things!

Here is some cake for your achievement:

And again:

-Nick at WK

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I disagree. If you have 3,000 reviews pending, it is far better to reset at least partially than try to trudge through that.