Happiness! I guessed the reading right ;-)

I just learned the word 人差し指, and I took one look at it and thought "if I were Japanese, I’d probably pronounce that “hitosashiyubi” … and sure enough, on the next page, Wanikani said it was a weird reading, and yet I’d guessed correctly. I was so happy!

(And then I assumed 差別する would be pronounced sabessuru, but it was the full “sabetsusuru,” so that’ll teach me to get overconfident.

Still, I’m starting to get it. It’ll be so much easier if things start to just feel right, instead of having to memorize everything, and it looks like it’s somewhat going in that direction. And I watched “Japanese Style Originator” last night for the first time in two months, and looks like my conversation Japanese class that just ended was a great help for listening, because I understood so much more.

Just wanted to share my good news!


It’s a great feeling, eh? :slight_smile:

I can guess a vocab reading with about 90% accuracy now. The only ones I miss have weird readings. Looking at you 磁石

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