When a reading just "seems" wrong

It’s difficult at first, but after a while rendaku starts to seem natural, even obvious to the point where you think “How could I pronounce that any other way?!”

But of course there’s another way, it’s Japanese!

Sometimes I get blindsided by these exceptions - pronunciations that stick out like a sore thumb and make me feel like I’m saying it wrong (and of course turn into leeches).

Here are some that come to mind:

  • 心底 really ought to be pronounced しんぞこ
  • 公判 should be こうばん
  • 勝敗 needs to be しょうばい

Do any other readings stick out to you like this? How do you think they ought to be pronounced?


Completely agree about 心底. I cursed at that one a few times. (I’ve since reset)

I’m sure I have some others. Can’t think of any off the top of my head right now, but I’ll remember to come back here and post them when I come across them.


Talking about lack of Rendaku
堀川 ほりかわ

I still miss しんそこ sometimes. I won’t miss the other two, though.

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Yeah I always miss 心底 too…

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Screw you, it’s しんぞこ!!!

I think I’ve given up on burning that one.


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