Hanshin Electric Railway colored jelly

This is one of the example sentences for 阪神.

I’m setting the Hanshin Electric Railway colored jelly by cooling it with ice.

I am very confused about the existence of Hanshin Electric Railway colored jelly. Is it jelly served on Hanshin trains? Is it colorful jello shaped like trains? :joy:
Is this a reference to something? Or is it just an example of Wanikani’s wacky example sentences?

I think it’s just WK’s imagination since searching for it only links back to WK.

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Presumably just “jelly the color of the Hanshin line trains.” Which, in my experience, is often orange. But I feel like I’ve seen others.

So just a silly way of saying “orange jelly” I guess.

Jelly the color of 阪急 line trains would be better though. Those look delicious, lol


Oh, that makes sense. I wasn’t in the mindset of railways having colors lol.

That… has got to be the dumbest way of forming an example sentence I’ve seen, and considering it’s WaniKani, that’s saying a lot. The point of using a word in a sentence is to make it a sentence that creates context for the word.

But yeah, Hanshin’s theme colour is orange, in reference to the Hanshin Tigers.

Though, further research seems to indicate that the colour depends on the trainset model. The Hanshin website describes the 1000- and 9000-series as “Vivace orange”, the 9300- and 8000-series as “presto orange”, the 5700-series as “kind blue”, the 5000-series as “ultramarine blue”, and the four 5500-series trains each have their own unique liveries: タイガース号 (based on the Hanshin Tigers), 甲子園号 (based on the Koshien stadium), TORACO号 (based on… uh… “female Tigers fans”…), and トラッキー号 (based on the Tigers’ mascot).

Secondary colours are described varyingly as cream, silky beige, and stainless.

Make that into jelly. I dare you.


I am glad you asked as I have been getting stuck with some of the context sentences lately and brushing them off as “another silly WK sentence”

( ◡‿◡ *) stainless jelly.


Yeah, it should really just be something about the region and cites of 神戸 and 大阪.

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