🖋 Handwriting Club 🖋

:fountain_pen: :notebook: :writing_hand:t4: Welcome to the Handwriting Club! :writing_hand:t4: :notebook: :fountain_pen:

In here, everyone can share their writings so we can help each other and have fun while learning!!

Handwriting may not be the most popular learning tool due to its decreasing practicality into day-to-day life. (Hey, great start… :woman_facepalming:t4:)
But wait! That’s just ONE point of view! (And one which I personally do not fully agree with… but that’s for another topic)

Handwriting has several practical uses and benefits aside from that. And you, as a learner, have to decide if it suits what you're looking for in this journey.

Some studies show that when you write by hand, you reinforce brain connections more than if you type. Writing (in general) works for assimilating the things you learnt. However, when handwriting, you: (and I quote)

(1) actively see and feel the letter being written; (2) see several different versions of that letter; and (3) pay more attention to what they are doing. (…) handwriting helps us learn symbols and aids in remembering information.

In the previous topic, was mentioned the ability to recall and reproduce the things you learnt to recognize written.

Being an all-rounder helps you gain versatility. Japanese is a complex and intricate language, different output/input methods are not as separated from each other as they may seem.

This club is about understanding. Understanding the language, the characters, their interactions

Or maybe you feel like practising :woman_shrugging:t4:

No matter what level you’re at, or what you are trying to accomplish.
Above all, let’s have fun!



Hey, you can write whatever you want as long as you are being respectful .
If you are out of ideas, here are some to help you out!

  • Vocabulary/Kanji you learned today.

  • Vocabulary/Kanji you are currently practising or want to get better at.

  • Vocabulary/Kanji you’ve seen and do not recognize (maybe someone can help with the meaning)

  • Or some you DID recognize and you’re proud of.

If you want to practice grammar you can also:

  • Write short sentences about what you did today.

  • Try to write a small text about something you like or are passionate about.

  • Just write about anything you wanna say.

  • Maybe you have an advanced level and you’re feeling like it… Go for it!
    (we can also learn reading others handwritings!!)

Maybe you’re just interested in improving your calligraphy:

  • Copy some text from an article or a novel.

  • Try different styles.

  • Do both simple and complex characters.

You can start a regular log or just pop here when you have something you wanna share.


  • Offer help with their Calligraphy.

  • Point out the Orthography and spelling mistakes.

  • Correct their Grammar.

  • Improve their Eloquence (if it’s a longer phrase and not just words).

  • Share some tips and tricks.

  • Link to resources.

  • Advice for material.

  • Praise the good work!

  • Anything related.

READ carefully and LISTEN what they are trying to say.

Be respectful and patient, not everyone has the same level of knowledge.


My first entry!!
Writing in vertical is more complicated than i thought :sweat_smile:


Let me try.


So, back in the Olden Days, when visiting a temple for a goshuin, you’d generally hand-copy out a sutra in exchange. Most temples have dispensed with that (because doing a whole sutra can take upwards of an hour, and ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat these days). When I visited Shorinzan Daruma-ji in Takasaki, though, they asked me to trace over the title of the Heart Sutra (as sort of spiritual synecdoche).

The priest judged my attempt as passable. :slightly_smiling_face:


Woah, you make beautiful shapes :open_mouth:.


Is it made with brush??
That’s not easy!!

This sends me :rofl: :rofl:

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Brush pen, but yeah. (Basically a fountain pen with a brush rather than a nib.)


There was this thread up to 2021 which is already closed (locked) – Show Us Your Handwriting -- In Japanese


Loving the little drawing. I think the handwriting is very legible and kinda personal.


Producing japanese is always an extremely humbling experience for me… :weary:

My current goal is to be able to keep a simple handwritten diary so this thread is perfect! I don’t know how often I’ll post here but I’ll try to stop by every now and then


I’m glad to hear that. You’re welcomed to share with us whenever you have something new. I hope this club works right for you!


読む (よむ)
文章 (ぶんしょう)
書ける (かける)
やって見る (やってみる)


I love this idea for a thread. I am working on learning to handwrite kanji because I am a dinosaur and prefer to take notes by hand,

My two favorite resources for learning how to write kanji are:

  1. website Kakimashou - free, amazing resource with more information that you ever thought you wanted to know about each Kanji. There is content organized by various curricula (including WK levels!) and you can quiz yourself.

  2. KanKen study books - not free, but I would take them as THE authority on how to write each kanji (in detail), including order, spacing, and other minute details - since these are meant to prepare for the Kanji Kentei exam, the Japanese kanji aptitude test taken by native speakers. Note - these books are in Japanese but if you start with level 10 (first grade), the language is pretty simple and manageable.

I will try to post something handwritten soon!

Oh - and not about handwriting per se - but this is another cool kanji resource: Joy 'O Kanji Eve Kushner has dedicated herself to writing essays about each of the over 2000 Joyo kanji. The essays are very in depth and well researched - consider checking out her site.


OMG thank you so much for these. I will definetly check them out!

You’re in the right place :joy: I feel identified with that definition really


Thanks for the new group. I wanted to integrate handwriting into my studies as well. I’m not great at it and wanted to improve. I have this little electronic notepad to practice on. I also have some genkoyoushi notebooks for writing practice too.


Interesting doodad and interesting handwriting. If you’re looking for feedback, the ガ would typically be written in hiragana in this word. が. Very legible, though. :slight_smile:

Stroke order in writing か

(plus dakuten)


Yeah, I’m in need of lots of practice :laughing:


Writing vertically is kinda hard


Hi! I didn’t study Japanese for a long time. But I am starting again and trying to write a 1-2 sentence each day about my daily life.
and this is my first day challenge


Some random wanikani context sentences :slightly_smiling_face: