Gratitude - An Ode to the Wonderful Durtles

Thank you so much, @KyokaJiro! For this thread, for my mention, and for your presence in the threads. You are the reason why the threads and this community keep being such a great place to be. Thanks for everything you do and for everything you are!


Thanks for your kind words Marifly :slight_smile: I deeply appreciate it :blush:


One of Wanikani’s greatest delights is the Tsurukame App. If you are a mobile heavy iOS user, I request you to try Tsurukame. David Sansome’s creation is a thing of beauty that stands at the delicate intersection of Art and Technology. I have completed half my levels (12) on a mobile browser and another half (12) on Tsurukame, the ease and improvement in quality of life is tremendous.

There is a Japanese story behind the origin of the word “Tsurukame”

Japanese of the ancient times believed that by uttering bad words they would bring about bad omens. But if the inevitable happened and the taboo words were to be pronounced, the repetition of the names of these two auspicious animals: tsurukame , tsurukame , tsurukame (crane-turtle, crane-turtle, crane-turtle) could ward off the evil.

And I know, I am uttering “Tsurukame” thrice when I make unintended errors in WK and correct my mistakes through Tsurukame App :slight_smile:

For enriching the lives of countless durtles, @davidsansome, I give you my heartfelt thanks and wish you the longevity of a Tsurukame. I bestow upon you the title of Tsurukame Durtle


きょかちゃん、書いてくれて本当にありがとう. 気になるです!

I am beyond touched and I’m starting to tear up. Naruto is THE REASON that I started learning Japanese. When I first heard “Haruka Kanata” at age 12 I became obsessed with Japanese music, and over a decade later my playlists are still 99.67% Japanese. I’ve seen Asian Kung Fu Generation, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, m-flo, Hiromi Tosaka, CRAZYBOY, CAPSULE, Teddyloid, ALL OFF, and Hatsune Miku live. Japanese music has always been my passion for learning Japanese, but specifically it all started with wanting to know what the Naruto op 1 guy was yelling about. A college minor, some WaniKani, and two study abroad experiences later, I’m disappointed in myself because I feel as though I’ve been stuck in intermediate じごく for years. I need to stop beating myself up and just continue to study hard and be proud of what I’ve accomplished. Thank you for calling me out and giving me a reason to do that.

I have vivid memories of going on this horribly sketchy p2p site called Limewire to download anime songs as a tween, and having to track down and eliminate viruses I had caused on the family computer which was my first foray into “computer stuff”. I ended up getting an electrical computer engineering degree in college years later.

Now, I’m at a crossroads in my mental health journey. It’s been almost 4 years since I graduated from college and I still haven’t worked as an engineer since college internships. I threw myself into my family’s restaurant business instead of following my passions since it was the easy thing to do. I’m finally getting to a place where I can internalize “fall down seven times, get up eight”. I feel as though all I’ve been doing in my life is falling. Falling into addiction, falling off of my friendships, falling off my career aspirations, falling off of my Japanese studies, falling off on feeling alive.

I’m ready to get up, now.

TL;DR: You hit me right in the feels


My Pleasure tetra san :slight_smile:

It speaks to the depth and intensity of your passion. You are blessed to love something at such a deep level of connection. :smiley:

I can understand the expectations being unrealistic when you are feeling that love. YES, you should be proud of what you have accomplished so far :slight_smile: Fill your chest with pride and beam a smile that can light up the room :grin: Feeling proud doesn’t mean we are giving up, it means we are recognizing the labor of years of efforts to have come this far. Give yourself a gentle pat on your back :hugs: Once we savor the feeling, it provides us with renewed sense of purpose and energy on our journey forward. Let us move forward slowly and surely understand one word at a time. It doesn’t make sense to complete 60 levels of WK and think we are done with Japanese when we can’t understand any of the songs, books we love. Learning a few things, looking up things, understanding the beauty of the things we love strengthens our bonds and lasts for a long time :slight_smile:

Hahaha. That’s a good memory to have now :smiley:

Please take care of yourself first. Nothing and no one in this world deserve more love and care than oneself. Only when we can truly love ourselves, we can love others.

There is nothing wrong in doing the easy thing. Every experience teaches us something about ourselves. Only by going through that can we understand ourselves better and take better decisions.

I am glad you are getting stronger. I can empathize with your pain of feeling like falling your whole life. While obstacles can improve our character, endless obstacles without space to recover can make you feel out of control and overwhelmed by circumstances. Please do not hesitate to accept help. Only truly strong people accept help. And you are a truly strong person. You have weathered many hardships in your life and you are still standing, still breathing…As long as you live and breathe, you can pick yourself up piece by piece, improving just one tiny aspect of life before improve another and another after a while. It is okay to fall down, no one in life can go without falling down. It may be hard to get back up, we may need to sit there for a while, take a deep breathe and gather energy before we can get up. But, WE WILL GET UP. We will move forward :slight_smile:

I am glad you are feeling ready :smiley: And if you ever feeling like you are falling, all you need to do is ask and we will happily lend our strength :handshake:

To a brighter and better future tetra san :raised_hands:


What if you could write only one post in Wanikani forum and yet change the entire style of learning on Wanikani, inspire generations of durtles to make major improvements to their study plans and have a resounding impact on thousands of users?

I can think of only one person - THE IRREPRESSIBLE @jprspereira

Pereira san’s Level 60 post titled “My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK open_book )” is probably the most quoted, most read and most visited post on Wanikani. Every single person who posts a welcome message to new durtles (think Kumirei, Joeni, Young Adam etc.) or every time someone posts “I don’t know how to use WK” - the number one suggestion is “Read jprspereira’s guide”. It is hard to measure the exact impact of one post, but I am willing to bet an arm or two to confidently say that this single post levelled up the skills of Wanikani users by a notch or two. It is not an individual improvement, it is a systemic improvement. Just through the impact of this single post, Pereira san easily enters WaniKani Big 3.

I took quite a few relevant parts from your plan and added it to my plans after tweaking them. Pereira san, I thank you on the behalf of all the durtles that have been positively impacted by your post. For the outstanding impact you had on this community, I bestow upon you the title of Phenom Durtle


I know it’s not my thread, but I would like to throw @viet’s name out there too. He’s one of the co-founders and put up with a lot of our less than graceful shenanigans in the dark beta days to get the app to where it is today. I know @koichi gets to be in all of the mnemonics, but I haven’t forgotten you @viet.


No problem at all Ryosuke san :slight_smile: This thread is for everybody not just me. I am happy you popped in and shared your gratitude :smiley: Thank You :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I didn’t know there was someone along with Koichi during the early days. Is there a thread or place where can read/learn about Viet san :slight_smile: ?


Please tell me its the same viet that pops in many of the example sentences :astonished:

とにかく、I would like to thank @ainsley and @trunklayer for their kind words when I posted on Complaining is still a must.

And you too @KyokaJiro san. I was trynna rush through levels to reach level 21 before 2021. I have found the right pace :grin:

I didnt expect a community to be so helpful and caring.


This is so beautiful and so important! It reminds me of this great comic adaption of a beautiful quote by Rachel Carson on “the sense of wonder”.



Oooo thank you for sharing that comic! It’s so sweet and well-done.


Sure. Viet is everywhere.


Even in your dreams.


Reading this, I am touched (referring to your first line in English).
Your story is moving and I wish for you to one day be able to walk the paths you want to walk.


Thanks for sharing Bakemono san :slight_smile:

Yes, Ainsley san and Trunk san are PURRfect durtles :blush:

My pleasure to have helped you. Glad to her that you found your pace Bakemono san :+1:

Yeah, I feel you. I didn’t expect to make such strong and wonderful connections either. It is probably one of the most serendipitous events of my life :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the poem Green san :slight_smile: It is great to see a fellow Zen Pencils fan among our durtles :wave: I missed reading this one years ago, This comic is beautiful and moving :relaxed: thanks for giving me a chance to experience these emotions :raised_hands:


tenor 168

Thank you for introducing Viet san to me :slight_smile:


Today’s gratitude is a little different than usual. 24 hours ago, I didn’t know this awesome durtle existed. Thanks to Ryosuke Senpai, I came to know of @viet san’s existence. I have read through multiple threads dating back to 2012 to understand a little about Viet san.

Viet san, you were actively participating and guiding folks through their troubles. There were many instances of rollicking humor :slight_smile: Reading the 2012 posts makes me realize how far Wanikani has moved forward in 8 years. For all those countless hours, patiently scrolling through the forums and answering people’s questions solving their problems, and for all the things you have done to make our lives better … Thank you :bowing_man: :bowing_woman:

You are like a shadow, always with us to help us in a pinch. In the honor of your title “Ninjaneer” and your work, I bestow upon you the title of Kage Durtle


What happens when you mix the right proportions of Confidence and Curiosity with a measure of Flexibility backed by a Stubborn Perseverance… you get a deadly durtle called Zeus :slight_smile:

My first brush with Zeus san was in the “Level 21 before 2021” thread. I was following their conversations with other newbie durtles. The way they broke down details and planned things was nothing short of art. My first plan in Wanikani was a version of Zeus san’s plan I tweaked to suit my needs. It worked wonders.

The only way I can describe their magnificence is through a example or two. Zeus san reminds me of a Conductor in Orchestra or a midfielder in Football/Soccer. The most important part in an Orchestra is the “Conductor”. A skilled conductor can easily increase the level of performance by a notch or two. They interpret the music and the flow of the situation and make decisions on the fly to provide a delightful performance for the audience. A master conductor leading average performers can deliver a better performance compared to an average conductor leading top performers.

A masterful midfielder can deliver a beautifully weighted pass to their teammate to help score a goal. They can see the spaces others cannot see. They control the tempo of the game providing an added advantage to their team. A skilled midfielder also takes the condition of teammates and opponents into consideration before making a pass. While they make prefer fast and sharp passes at the beginning of a game, they may deliver slow and flighted passes to assist their tired teammate. This final part of flexibility is where Zeus san is more skillful and is what makes them extra special :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If it feels like I am gushing, it is because I am ( ≧∇≦* ) . For all the delightful conversations and incredible help you have provided to the community, I thank you @zEUs_Japanese from the bottom of my heart :slight_smile: I bestow upon you the title of Metronome Durtle


I’m… kind of speechless.

Lately I’ve been getting back to being a little more active on the forums. And so this fine morning I scrolled down the WaniKani category when I noticed a new message in the new Gratitude thread. Clicking on it I was more than surprised to see that you seemed to have dedicated this day to me. This was this morning.
Now, after reading the final letter, I feel overwhelmingly honored and I am not sure that I deserved this. Seeing these incredibly flattering words about me made it hard for me to know how to feel. You’re description of me accurately names all the things that I actually feel proud for, that I am interested in and where I aspire to know even more of. Really. I don’t know what to say. Thank you. This means a lot to me.

Seeing as Christmas is coming up, I started writing the annual cards for my close relatives. And it’s really hard to find something original and honest to write each person and to refine every letter until every single word feels right. And yet you’re here writing letters like these every day. I’m seriously impressed by your preservance and the magnitude of your undertaking. @KyokaJiro, I wish you good luck on your journey, here on WaniKani, in your Japanese learning and in life itself. I dont know who you are and what your story is, but I’ve never seen a person so giving and selfless, so zealous to advance our conviviality. This response is kind of all over the place, because I don’t really know how to deal with a message like that. The only thing I can do is end this letter by once again expressing my own gratitude - thank you.