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Hey all, I’ve been playing the new Pokemon game, which means it’s time for a new edition of grammar questions! I’ve done this a few times now where I pick a few sentences that have confused me from various games, thanks to everybody who has pitched in on these.

強すぎだよ… わたしでも

Spoken by a trainer right after you defeat them. I don’t recognize this いっちゃお construction, so it’s throwing me for a loop.


Spoken by a friend after inspecting an ancient statue. This is a usage of より that I can’t work out. Furthermore, I’m not sure why this is coming right after the が particle. I’ve never seen より used like this.

受け取るのに ふさわしいのよ!

Spoken after defeating the gym leader in a challenge and receiving the gym badge (ジムバッジ). のに seems to contrast with ふさわしい to me. Because you’ve received the badge, you are worthy, right? Why would it be in spite of it? I wonder what the idea is here.


Wanted a gut check on this one. It’s spoken by a little girl, so it’s plausible that she really is just saying “An ocean? It isn’t a mountain.” but that’s also kind of hilarious so I thought maybe I was missing some nuance or something.

Thanks all, feel free to throw in your own examples / questions!

You have to make the verb a noun with の before you can stick にふさわしい to it. It’s not the “in spite of” のに


It’d say it’s 行ってしまう, but I’m not completely confident on that.

より can also function as an adverb meaning “more X”. よりいい = more good. より真実 = more truth

That’s what it looks like to me, but I’m lacking context here.


探しに行く→探しに行ってしまう→探しに行ってしまおう→探しに行っちゃお(う) I think.
Basically a “Let’s do ~” but in this case they’d be looking for someone they can actually beat in battle.

The line in the English version I think was something like “So it was a sea, not a mountain…”
Also wasn’t it a full grown camping lady that said that, not a little girl? lol

EDIT: just checked and she says “The ocean, huh… Not a mountain, huh…”


I’d definitely agree this is the construct, but I’m gonna say I think the tone is more of a pouty “Guess I’ll go look for someone even I can beat…”

This is the feeling I got from the Japanese, so I’d say trust the localization on that one. I’m super curious as to what the context actually was, though. I don’t remember seeing that line.

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If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say this is a line spoken by a challenging trainer upon defeat, the context being whatever it was the challenge line was. Probably “I love climbing mountains!” (defeat) “Oh… this is the sea (which is why I lost)”.


I figured it was a trainer battle line, but I couldn’t have come up with that plausible of a setup line in a million years. Good on you!

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It was just a lady looking out at the sea. No battle.


Well now I want to know the backstory for how this lady found herself standing on a coastline having expected to find mountains.

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It’s in a very mountainous region but with access to the sea to she’s just kinda surprised to find the sea there. If I remember correctly she also had a foreigner character model so that would explain why she wasn’t expecting it.

What’s a foreign character model for fictional Britain? Nothing really comes to mind.


The backpackers. At least one of them said they were from outside the region and visiting so i put them all in the category “visiting foreigner” (even if they probably aren’t all foreigners)

The trainer is in ラテラルタウン (stow-on-side) on the stairway leading to the mural about halfway up looking to the sea to the left. Could also have been a different model though
(but the only female model I remember from that stairway was one female backpacker)


Ah, thank you! I am always getting tripped up by compound particles, appreciate the help.

@Janime6 @Houndstooth
Thank you both, I was having trouble figuring out what emotion was coming across, this really helps!

Also, glad I sparked the mystery of the century with the mountains/sea thing, lol. Maybe my brain just wrote it over as a little girl because it made absolutely no sense. If it is a backpacker though, maybe it’s just a simple joke about how backpackers are usually in the mountains.

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