Grammar question from the manga 火の丸相撲

Hello, I’ve been trying to read some manga in japanese recently, and in the first tome of 火の丸相撲,
I came across this: (Context is, a guy wants to recrute for is sumo club, but some guys told him to recrute somewhere else, and that no one would join either way, and this is after when he is alone)
Could someone who understands this explain it to me ?

It’s fairly slangy. Standard Japanese would be 誰も入らないから、勧誘しないといけないじゃないか = since noone has joined, I’ll have to canvass, won’t I?


So here, じゃないか takes the role of won’t I ? Because this is what was bothering me.
Also, couldn’t it be an affirmation, even with the か at the end ? Because there are no interrogation mark in japanese.
Thanks a lot for answering :grinning:

Yah, じゃないか at the end of a sentence is a sort of reaffirming question, same is “isn’t it?” or whatever in English.

Okay, thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

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