Graded reader level for N5?

Which level of graded reader is suitable for the N5?

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There are a lot of free resources linked here:

And the book club also has a few free ones listed:

Usually you will be able to get a lot of graded readers starting from N4, but if you start to read a lot, you will be there in no time anyway. :slight_smile:
If you want a subscription, LingQ has 60 mini stories for beginners which teach words and grammar naturally. Those alone should get you close to N4 if you go through them multiple times.


I don’t know if they’re accessible without paying but bunpro has a few: Log in - Japanese Grammar Explained | Bunpro


If NHK News Web Easy is hit-or-miss, sometimes you read it easily with only a few lookups, and sometimes it’s a painful slog, you’re probably easily ready for N5.

(With that said, wanikani up to level 10-ish is probably already easily N5-good-enough territory and I wouldn’t even worry about the reading parts of the test. You need a genki I or bunpro N5* level of grammar, a certain amount of common non-kanji vocabulary, and LISTENING LISTENING LISTENING to audio.)

* both of which cost money, but Irodori is equivalent and free. I just don’t have a good feel for how far in Irodori maps to “enough” for N5. (Irodori also helps with the listening)


Here’s a good listening resource, btw:

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You can filter reading resources on Natively by JLPT level:

I consider myself N5 and would agree with the publisher that for Tadoku Level 0 and Level 1 are suitable. I have tried some Level 2 books, but they are still quite challenging.

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I’m not sure what level I am. My reading and writing are okay, but my listening and speaking skills are pretty sad :pensive: :sweat_smile: I made it up to Level 22, and then reset because I took such a long break.

I actually have used Graded Readers for easy listening too. Listening is quite challenging for me, so my brain easily switches off after three sentences. But if it’s a Graded Reader story that I have read before, it’s much easier to listen to a full story.

I’d say looking at the Tadoku books that are freely (and legally) available online is actually not a bad way to figure out your reading level, so you have a comparison point when you check other recommendations on the LearnNatively page.


Thank you. I’ve read a lot of the Tadoku stories, but I never thought of listening to them as well.

Tadoku, Manabi Reader app has an N5 section, and Crystal Hunters is a manga the teaches Japanese.


@RainbowBrite13 thanks for the Manabi Reader shoutout. I just released 3.1 today which fixes a bunch of bugs and makes the app much faster overall. Please let me know if there’s anything else you’d like added, lots to come now that I have a stable foundation.