Government? Public? Politics?

I don’t know what should I do to avoid mixing up those words.
The review asks for the meaning of kanji [ X ] or word [ Y ], the world “public” comes to my mind and I answer the question with that word. Turns out, it’s wrong, the correct answer is “government”. Or I think “government” but the correct is “politics”, or any other combination.
I feel like those words are in the same “memory slot” of my brain.

By the way. I didn’t mention any kanji or word in particular, because that confusion happens to me with anything that has one of those three meanings.


When I’m struggling with this, I take a look at the Kanji Composition section of the trouble Kanji and come up with a custom mneumonic sentence that tries to fit them all in, so that for any one kanji, I only need to recall the sentence.

If that doesn’t work, sometimes playing the audio or speaking them out loud helps, since the pronunciation might stand out to you later.


There’s usually 2 things I do when I have an issue like this (my 2 biggest enemies are the circumstance-case and the police-police officer-police station sets) Make up a mnemonic for each of those items, that’s aligned to your own brain better or look at those 3 items side by side and basically say "oh, it has that kanji X in it, so that of course means Y, while this one has kanji Z, so it means W.


If you are getting the reading right but not the meaning, focus on associating the reading with the meaning rather than the kanji definitions.


Ohh lord for a second I thought this was a post about making political opinions…we don’t need that on WK imo…


Some of the ways,

  • I used to do EN => JP, which was pretty much the way I touched higher levels.
    • I still make mnemonics sometimes; but now knowing what to focus.
  • Kana + Sentence Cloze => Kanji + EN (or J explanation)
  • Hear it somewhere before, outside the SRS. (Which is quite random and uncontrollable; but if you hear it enough, of course it works.)

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