Ghost of Tsushima Kanji

Hey everyone!

Been playing Ghost of Tsushima and I just can’t seem to find in what is that last character.
Looks like… grass? 草
Looking at Jisho 浮世草子 means Edo-period variety of) realistic literature; popular stories of everyday life in the Edo period.
Is this the same even the last 子 is missing?

BTW, awesome game!
Everyone should play it!



I’ve been interested in playing it, but last I heard, it was PS4 only.


Yeah, it is a first party Sony Exclusive.

I was looking forward tp it until they showed the full gameplay trailer. It’s actually nothing more than a ubisoft-style open world with a Japanese skin.

Reviews indicate that it’s a pretty standard game filled with identical quests. The story is pretty standard too. On the upside they totally killed it in the art direction department. Looks aestethically pleasing. But it doesn’t redeem the repetitive gameplay (although most games seem dull and repetitive to me nowadays, since I’ve been playing games for ~20 years…).

Well even so I thought maybe I could play it in Japanese but then I discovered Japanese is just an afterthought and they didn’t do lip syncing for it.

The game has none of the charm of its early trailers, sadly.

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I disagree completely. I think it’s a mega fun game, as someone that has been bored of ubisoft style open worlds since Far Cry 3. It captures the feel of samurai cinema they were going for perfectly, being able to just effortlessly cut down like 5 guys in a standoff; the combat is super satisfying to me.

The lack of Japanese lip sync is dissapointing, they clearly could afford to to do it but I think they didn’t want to waste money when post people are gonna play it in English.


Isn’t it kind of weird to make a game like that and not even really try to market it in Japan?




From what I’ve read here and there, it could be called an “atmosphere game”.
It does not seem to have the best gameplay nor the most original story, but apparently the open world has a very interesting atmosphere, maybe even more interesting for us learners of the Japanese language. I like to wander in this kind of world, get lost and discover unexpected things.
I plan to give it a try when I have the opportunity.

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Ahh. Too bad for me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I quite like the parkour-open-world style of the early Assassin’s Creed games. I’d happily spend all day just clambering all over buildings at random.

Starting with III, though, the games became less and less parkour, and more and more just running around on the ground, to the point where Origin is practically all just sitting on a camel waiting for it to get to where you’re going, and that’s really not fun at all.

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I’ve almost never used a camel in Origin.
That must be why I’ve been spending hours running in the desert, not the funniest experience. :sweat_smile:


It really is a baffling decision. But honestly I’m getting through it from the fact that I don’t notice the English lip sync that much when I’m reading the subtitles. Which is most of the time for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is it like red dead? I don’t like “cinematic” games which are more like movies than actual games.

Hi there! So I looked this up myself and got the same results about the Edo period stories.

Thing is, I looked at another title card for the main missions that read 仁之道, which I translated as “Jin’s Journey”

In the journal menu, that is the heading for all of the main missions, so I’m guessing the other two also correlate. I haven’t seen the card that says “Tales or Tsushima” lately, but I seem to recall it as saying pretty much that, so I’m guessing it’s supposed to be the third option “Mythic Tales”. I would say that the card should have read something like 神話物語 but maybe there’s something I’m missing like how the existing card might have some nuance I’m not getting, but maybe it’s just bad translation/QA.

Edit: Having played a bit more, I was wrong!

仁之道 = Jin’s Journey
傳承 (Old kanji, now written 伝承, lit. “folklore”, “legend”) = Mythic Tales

So yeah, those kanji are probably supposed to mean “Tales Of Tsushima”. Again, I might be missing some context, it might be a bad translation, or maybe these are the sort of tales that were popular in those Edo period writings? Maybe that’s the connotation?


I’ve seen a few posts in this thread of people who have decided the game isn’t for them, which is fine of course!
But I just want to dispel this notion that it’s just an Ubisoft style game, the gameplay is mediocre or that the story is dull.

It is an open world, but I’d compare it more to Breath of the Wild than Assassins Creed - such a joy to explore! The combat is incredibly addictive and satisfying to master - I was always excited to find an enemy encampment or roaming enemies. You have so many tools at your disposal but you can just style on them with pure skill, but let your guard down at all and they will knock you down, toy with you a little then end your suffering.

The story is wonderfully executed with a satisfying and impactful ending. In addition it’s side quests are based around interesting characters with whom I was very attached by the end.

Obviously this all opinion, but don’t deprive yourself of a great game because perhaps it’s been compared to some other mediocre games, or might have one or two flaws - which are pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of the game.

Obviously I’m biased - but I’m biased because I loved it :sweat_smile: I NEVER platinum games, but this one I did, and enjoyed every moment.

TLDR: If you like BOTW but dislike AC it might be worth a second look!

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And if I like Assassin’s Creed more than Breath of the Wild? :stuck_out_tongue:

Though possibly what frustrates me most about Breath of the Wild is that irritating weapon-breaking system. I reckon you could make that a lot less irritating by introducing weapon mastery - the more you use each type of weapon, the better you get at it, so you deal more damage, and the weapons break less often.

Oh, and climnbing stamina. And the rain. Oh boy, the rain.

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Then you’ll appreciate it’s open world AND weapon system :innocent:

And no stamina… and the weather… :joy: :joy:

haven’t played the game yet but from watching some clips here and there I already learned the word 雪ぐ (すすぐ , to rinse, to wipe out) used in the sentence that went something like この恥を雪がねばならぬ
pretty cool word that I will never use. Didn’t expect to see the kanji for “snow” in there.

didn’t see a single 拙者 or ~でござる yet though :pensive:

It would be great to have some director’s commentary on that! Thanks for shining some light on the other title cards!

I’ve been hooked on this game for the past 5 days or so. It’s incredible, and I was totally trying to identify those Kanji, as well!

I honestly feel like using the Japanese dialogue with English subtitles is helping my comprehension.

Also, I’d like to throw my hat into the “for the love of god, at least try this game” camp. Suckerpunch has done such an incredible job making this game fun, easy to play while still feeling challenging, and a visual masterpiece.


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