Getting off the first level

Not if they’re Enlightened. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m still wondering why so many people struggle with the site so much but never think to look at the bottom of the main page for the FAQ link. I always search for a “about” or “faq”, or “info” on any new site if I happen to run into trouble, I always thought that was common sense. I definitely wouldn’t pay for a subscription to a site I didn’t even understand… I really don’t get it… :neutral_face:


To be fair to the OP, OP might find it obvious how to start the reviews and never thought there was something different (the “lessons”) out there to look for. After this slow start, once OP starts lessons along with his reviews, he might just fly though! It can’t hurt to have that huge “enlightened” command of the basics.

At least they thought to go into the menu and find the community link


You didn’t “just learn” them if they are Enlightened. :wink:


Based on your public user profile, you’ve made great progress with Level 1 radicals. At this moment, there should be 14 kanji lessons available for you (the button “Lessons” next to “Reviews” button). Start working thru these lessons, continue with reviews and you may reach Level 2 in 3-4 days. And feel free to ask for more help on forums.

Here is an advice to all new users (boldly stolen from @Kumirei)

Also an extensive guide written by one of the fastest WK user:


One of them may be when you joined the forums and the other when you actually started WaniKani


And I thought he was trolling, but after realising that he enlightend 24 radicals on lvl 1 is impressive



Are you trolling us?

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OP really out here with 24 enlightened radicals before learning one kanji


I’m really glad you posted here before you burned those radicals and had nothing to do anymore. Please let us know how you go once you start adding items to your queue!


first 3 levels are free, why did you paid for level 1 ? you dont read i suppose.

We have been playing checkers while OP has been playing chess.


I’m struggling to empathize. There is a support form (with incredible fast response times), these same forums are also helpful…

OP just doesn’t like to read.

Such a waste of a subscription.

Maybe support will give you a refund so you can try the first three free levels first.


Alright, let’s not pile on.

@Garyrobert2, obviously you missed the kanji lessons that have been available to you for the past couple months. This is unfortunate, but thankfully you can move forward now. Just go to the dashboard and click the lessons button, and then go through the process until you complete the quiz for the lessons (which should look just like reviews).

As you seem to know, the first three levels are free. If you email WaniKani at they may refund or credit you for the amount you already paid. I can’t make any promises of course, but they’re generally very understanding.


Ok got, doing the lessons now! Sorry I didn’t realise I needed to learn them, I thought I was just learning the radicals first, then I’d be introduced to the kanji. I was using kanji garden at the same time, so I supposed it was similar app.

Thanks for all your responses and advice, really helped! In future I know where to come if I have a question!

Much appreciated!


I can see you’ve now done some more lessons. Once you get 90% of the kanji up to guru then you will level up. Normally you unlock kanji from that level by getting radicals up to guru, however you will also have some kanji for that level straight away (those kanji will be ones that you already know the radicals for). That means halfway through a level you will tend to unlock a new set of kanji.


Not piling on here–

I had a similar experience among my friend and work groups. Years ago I had started a new job in a warehouse building computers.

Everyone was talking about their favorite restaurant and went there often, and I was (sadly) never included. I was kinda new to the workplace, but I wanted to be involved in some small way. So I went to the restaurant all by myself one day during lunch. (We had 1-hour lunch breaks at noon every day.)

Well, I get to this HuHot Mongolian Grill (great place, great food), and I am sat at a table by the waitress. Then I get my plate of rice and I just keep sitting there, waiting for 7 or so minutes until a large crowd comes in and gets in line at the grill. I didn’t realize there was a line, and you had to make up your own plates for them to cook for you!

So… I get in line, and the minutes pass more and more before I realize I’m going to barely have a chance to eat. :frowning:

Then on my way back to work there was traffic! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I know my story is probably worse, but I see a lot of similar cases these days in Western society. People are not engaging in the world around them anymore. Everything’s virtual and expected to be easy, instantly gratifying. In effect, everything is taken for granted. I didn’t know how to lean on the experience of my peers, ask the necessary questions… or maybe I was afraid of showing weakness and looking dumb.

The moral of the story is, you’ve shown strength here. True strength is humility and perseverance. You persevered and even though you took longer, you learned a more valuable lesson than a couple kanji in these few months.

You’ve got the salt, brother. Japanese will be a delectable piece of crab-cake for you.

Have fun and welcome to the community! :wink:

Don’t mind everyone else, they just forget to have levity sometimes. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Oh, I forgot to mention. I was so overwhelmed by the experience and my foolishness that I was crying when I asked the waitress for the bill. I hate being late to my responsibilities. :sob:


I don’t think you should be blaming yourself here. It’s the job of the staff to explain you how ordering works.

Although of course if you weren’t sure and were in a hurry you should’ve asked them yourself. Asking is always the best option. If you do you get the information. I can’t imagine them not answering, so there’s no downside :slight_smile: