Getting confused T-T please help

Hi guys!
I’ve started to use wanikani after finishing hiragana and katakana alongside Genki I.
I’ve been getting a hang of the the reviews and lessons on wanikani however I am a bit confused with the on’yomi and the kun’yomi and how to how use it like for example

Big = 大きい which is おおきな
But great = たいした and the kanji is 大した

I don’t know if I am making sense but I really need someone to explain it for me. Like is there specific rules to apply with the on’yomi and kun’yomi.

Thanks in advance :)))


This article should help:

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The article should guide you through! I don’t think there’s much I can say after you read it, but to me it is like verbs, there are rules but there are also exceptions, same with kanji reading.

Also be careful not to confuse 大きい and 大きな. They are very similar but one is an い adjective and the other is a な adjective. Both 大 are read おお here.

It’s a good point to mention to not confuse おおきい and おおきな.

Just a small nitpick though, that おおきな is a pre-noun adjectival, rather than a な adjective, since it cannot ever function as a predicate the way な adjectives can. Basically if you use it it will always look like おおきな (never without the な) and come before a noun.

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Thanks Leebo!
な adjective and 連体詞 always sneak up on me

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