Galaxy S9 日本語 Kana Flick Issue on WK App

Hey all. I’ve been using the “WK for WaniKani” app on a Galaxy S6 since about a month after I started WaniKani for many on-the-go lessons and reviews. After recently upgrading to a Galaxy S9, the Kana Flick layout for the 日本語 input no longer registers flicks while doing reviews in the app. The flicks work on everything else (including this text). Has anyone else had this problem and/or know how to fix it?

I’m on a Galaxy S7, but if you mean this app, then the flick keyboard doesn’t work for me, either, and I actually don’t remember it ever doing so. My flick keyboard reverts to being a tap-through type when I use it to input readings.

That app’s also unfortunately no longer being updated, so if the flick functionality is important, you may want to see if the the other android app allows the flick keyboard input or using WK in mobile form, as it does allow the flick keyboard to work properly, at least from my own experience.

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Ah yes. I always used the second app you referenced. Turns out it still has issues, then. Interestingly enough, I discovered that flick does work on any fields that don’t ask for readings. But when it comes to inputting the readings, only Romaji works. It might have something to do with the field changing the characters into hiragana on the app’s end.

Entirely possible. WK has an inbuilt IME to convert romaji to hiragana when necessary on the site, so there might be something in the coding to match that on the app end or something. Weird that it allows it in other fields, though. The creator looks to still be active and might be able to tweak the app to allow the flick keyboard if you ask, so that might be the best bet at continuing to use that app with the flick capability. Good luck figuring out a solution!

Figured it out. You just have to make sure the “No suggestions” option in the app’s settings is disabled. Interesting!