Furigana - Manga - inconsistency

I admit that I still rely a lot on furigana when reading (perhaps too much!) The manga I’ve bought so far via Amazon.jp has all had full furigana. On that basis I just ordered 6 volumes of The March Lion (basically from where the anime stopped to the last published volume). Arrived yesterday. Opened eagerly…oh…no furigana! Yes it will be good practice but I don’t understand why some manga has it and others don’t (I can understand perhaps manga aimed solely at adults)

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This is it! 少女/少年 (aimed at young boys and girls, up to teens) manga usually have furigana while 女性/青年 (aimed at young adults, or above teens) dont.

3月のライオン is seinen (and amazing!)

To find out if a manga is 女性/青年 in the future, you can look it up on wikipedia/where ever and check the demographic


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