Found this 童話 site if you need something easy to read or listen to

This site has a collection of 450 童話(Japanese Children’s Stories) w/ audio. It is really nice if you don’t know where to start reading or want to learn about japanese folklore like Princess Kaguya.

おはなしいっぱい♪おうたいっぱい♪昔話童話童謡の王国 (


Just a note: 童話 (どうわ) means children’s stories, fairy tales. Which is distinct from 民話 (みんわ) folk tales, folklore.

Of course, sometimes children’s stories are based on folk tales, like Princess Kaguya, but that’s a case of making a story adaption.

There’s also 昔話 ( むかしばなし) old tale; legend​ It’s worth noting that legends and folk lore are not the same thing. They are distinct types of story traditions.


I like this one.


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What about children’s folk tales?

Gonna give a serious answer, because why not! :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think they exist as an ethnographic area of study, or as something that exists at all frankly. “Stories children tell each other”, sure they certainly exist, and I’m pretty sure are being researched as well. But they’re not folk tales or folk lore. They’re other kinds of stories. :eyes: Maybe “urban legends” spread among children, might be as close as you can get here. :thinking:




Sounds like school ghost stories to me.

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Well, that’s in all likelyhood folk tales, retold as children’s stories with pictures, much like Princess Kaguya gets retold for children. The story itself is not a children’s story, but can be adjusted to suit that audience.

Children’s folk tales would be “folk tales created by children and orally disseminating to other children as a tradition”, which frankly children are not capable of. Even in the case of urban legends, most of them are not created by children, but something they’ve heard older teenagers or adults mention. But as for children creating long-living stories and oral traditions of their own, shared among their peers and maybe adults, from one generation to the next? That’s not really a thing in children’s culture as far as I know.


Not if I cook them first



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