Forums - Hide old "Suggested Topics"?

Is there any way to stop the Suggested Topics section at the bottom of a forum topic from showing months-old topics? It’s confusing and occasionally causes people to accidentally revive old topics. The Suggested Topics section should really only show topics you watch and topics from the last few days or so.


Suggested Topics only show topic which you are currently tracking. So just to be clear are you asking for this change to be implemented for other users too?

If not you could always go a topic and set its tracking level to normal. Other way would be a simple userscript to hide these based on last activity date.

No it doesn’t. It shows unread topics, then new topics and after that it gives you a random topic from months ago.
(I’ve disabled auto tracking, so I’m only tracking the topics I post in or I manually mark to track)

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oh, Yeah I forgot about that setting. Actually I have disabled auto-tracking too, maybe that’s why I’ve been only getting tracked topics. :thinking:

I’m even getting a year old threads… I joined in December.

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I also have auto tracking disabled, so like you I’m only tracking topics I post in or manually mark as tracking. As your picture shows, the Suggested Topics section sometimes even shows topics you’ve already read. I’m pretty sure it’s even recommended to me topics in the archive section before. It’s very strange.

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My suggested topics are topics I created.


Discourse caught on to your narcissistic attributes

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Or it likes to remind me my posts are quite unpopular

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@anon20839864 Do you know of any way to hide Suggested Topics older than a certain date? Right now I’m seeing four of five suggestions from 8-11 months ago, two of which are in the Archive section and can’t even be responded to. This is a very common occurrence, and has lead people to accidentally revive dead topics from time to time.

Personally I don’t see a reason to show Suggested Topics more than 1-2 months old, assuming Discourse even supports such functionality.

I couldn’t find a way for users to hide the Suggested Topics without some kind of dev interference. The feature, as I see it, is meant to help new users quickly find answers to what they’re looking, based on their initial searches.

I believe there is a way we can limit the scope of time it uses to pull from, but it would probably be more detrimental to the feature if we did that because there aren’t enough new topics being created to limit it to just a few months.


Do the Suggested Topics shows stuff related to a user’s search when they tried to search? I thought I had read that, but couldn’t really reproduce it when I tried.

From what I’ve seen if you don’t have watched topics with updates, it just shows random topics in that section. I have found that to be useless after looking at the topics from the last couple days. The chances of a user happening to see the exact thing they were curious about when the topics are selected randomly seems low to me.

I’m honestly not sure. Your best bet would be to search on Discourse’s own forums. Though when I was doing that most of the posts showed that the topics on it are pretty old and that the creators seem to prefer us closing topics after certain amounts of time (which we already do) rather than changing how Suggested Topics work.

As of now, the Suggested Topics can be anything from the last 365 days, and this is post super old, so it may not be accurate anymore, but it goes into their thinking for how it works:

Again, that’s from 2013, but it was the most obvious thing that came up, so you may have better luck if you check with them yourself.

Yeah, I searched last week before posting here and that’s the same thing I found. It seems to still be relatively accurate based on my experience.