Forecasting Reviews on the Dashboard

I’m liking the new features! Thank you WaniKani! :slight_smile:

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Is there an official wanikani app? I’ve looked and wasn’t ever able to find one.

On the topic of changes, i love the review forecast, but i think it could be a little more clear what those numbers mean.
It’s kind of a big jumble of numbers and its hard to decipher the information in them (kind of like looking at a big, unformatted Excel spreadsheet - bleh!)

I also think the buttons take up WAY too much real estate. Sure, they’re important and I’m glad they’re more prominent, but they shouldnt take up my whole screen.

I also would appreciate if the forecast was above the current level status. Having to scroll all the way past that to see my upcoming reviews is a little tedious, and I feel like forecast is much more relevant in most situations.

Have you ever thought about making these features customizable? That would solve a lot of user complaints. It doesn’t seem like a very difficult thing to do, especially since the dashboard is such a vital piece of the user interface.


No, there is not. The third party ones are pretty good, though!

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None that are official yet, but there are several very good ones (depending on the platform you use) and they use the official API.


As someone who enjoys the challenge of learning kanjis, I feel the need to see how many kanjis I can lose this level while still proceeding ASAP and don’t break my schedule at the same time.
I have a FT job - the schedule matters.

I use ultimate timeline for tracking my critical reviews. I want to keep my pace high and see where I can postpone review if I would really need to miss it, except for critical ones, which affect my schedule.

I see the development in the right direction, but the outcome is 0 for me.
Sorry for such a feedback.
I enjoy your service very much and happy to pay for it.

PS: if somebody is interested, I’ve found my schedule very comfortable:

  • level-ups on Saturday mornings (8:00, 12:00, 20:00) - keeps my Fri+weekend evenings free for socializing,
  • new kanjis on Tuesday night (20:00, 00:00) - the night I’m least likely to have drinks.
    Love it

New buttons are a little large for me, but that’s a matter of getting used to, I think. I like the overall look and it’s fun that the button animations change depending on the number of items you have in the queue. Review forecast looks awesome!

This update also requires changes to the Dashboard Level Progress Detail script. See my post in that thread:


Ahh it looks good! I like it :smile:


Honestly was not a big fan of the update
I get the notion of making huge buttons so that people press them, that’s pretty good
But the review forecasting is just bad compared to the Ultimate Timeline
And that’s the most important thing that I want to see: how many reviews I have and how many are coming.

PS: Also will have to find new home for the little images I put up for myself


I am happy with Tsurukame on iOS.


Even on desktop those huge lesson and review buttons will be hiding a lot of important information that I can see right when I go to wanikani atm. I like being able to see my apprentice/guru/etc numbers without scrolling down. Ultimate timeline is far better than forecast and I can choose from hours to 2 weeks down the line. I prefer it as it is and I hope we will get the option to remain the same.

The only plus here is that it since it looks flashier it will probably appeal to new users. As a non new user theres nothing I would take from it into my current dashboard:


This update addresses no pressing need I can see. I do find this it well-intentioned, but cluttered and ugly. Having giant buttons I can press with my fist doesn’t balance with the delicate dropdown spreadsheet on the right showing upcoming reviews, if I click and dig out my magnifying glass. The current dashboard-- which you unveiled a couple of months ago?-- works just fine, with an elegant, clear design. But now that I’m used to it, I will have to adjust again.

Besides,have you all never read Tufte?

The ultimate timeline stuff, at least in my layout, is below the fold. It’s not something you have to check over and over again. Another parent in the thread mentioned scheduling-- I care full-time for my infant in addition to freelancing. So I don’t want to think when I use this app. I want to glance and know when the next batch is up so I can file it away in my brain and get to it then if I can. This next-reviews thing is more clicking and thinking, adding to a cognitive load and reducing the usefulness of an app whose whole point is to take out much of the drudgery of making flashcards and scheduling. I’m not sure how a user-centered design process would arrive at this, especially since I’m not sure how you’re collecting user feedback.

Basically, my thought is: Less is more, more’s a chore.


You are so good to us!!! I weep with joy at the review forecast! :sob:
Thank you!

I’ve been using the preview since the update was announced and I absolutely love it. I do most of my reviews at work and I can’t install scripts so this helps me see what my review schedule is going to look like and helps me plan how to integrate reviews with work.


It’s a step in the right direction and I like the cute pictures.

But one thing I like about ultimate timeline is I can view my upcoming reviews by SRS level, and level so I can see when important reviews are coming up. It helps me stay motivated knowing I’ll probably guru some important kanji in the next hour. I understand the push for a cleaner format but for me the benefits lie in the details.


Love the changes!

Thoughts (desktop user):
-I like the look of the new buttons, although I agree with the above that the numbers could be bigger.
-Still miss being able to see my level without having to click on the level button. I didn’t even realize I’d leveled up until I got my Koichi email.
-I actually do like some things things about Forecast better than Ultimate Timeline - it tells me exactly when the new reviews will be w/o me having to count all the bars or scroll over the sometimes-tiny bars to figure out the number/time. However, as many people have mentioned, being able to see the SRS level/type of reviews that are coming up makes Ultimate Timeline still more useful, imo. I think that the new Forecast is trying to preserve some of the surprise of what is coming up in reviews to check that you really know them, which I appreciate, but these other details could be added w/o having to show exactly which items are coming up. Plus, having it vertical makes the screen more crowded, I think.
-Still digging the new progress bar/item progress, although I think it looks better when it’s not constrained by the forecast bar.
-New SRS level totals boxes look nice, and I personally don’t mind them getting pushed down the dashboard b/c those are less important for me (although I’m no speed leveler).

Overall, I like the changes (personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of the big “Next Available/Next Hour/Next Day” bar, especially since the Next Day bar doesn’t give many details), but I do think the forecast bar could use some tweaking before it’s fully released.


wait a minute. So the super useful “wanikani ultimate timeline” would not be neccessary anymore?
anyway the change is good imo

edit: a bit late for the party but this timeline is a bit hmm strange to look at first. So based from what I figured out this means that if I don’t do any reviews today, then tomorrow total reviews would be 330?

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Great to see! I’m slowly working my way up the levels and have only recently bought a subscription, but I certainly don’t regret it!


i have a suggestion, create spoken audio clips for the example sentences so we can practice not only writing the sentences but making sure we are not mistaking the way they are pronounced… it would make wanikani %50 more useful imo :slight_smile:


will we still be able to preview all the future levels up to 60 on the new gui ?