Font sizes in Japanese books

If I buy a copy of a Japanese book in a larger book size, like maybe a hardcover, will the font be larger than in the same book in a smaller format? Or will the font be the same size and there is just more white space, or a different number of pages?

Thank you in advance


That depends on the publisher. If you are concerned about the font size I would suggest to buy the e-book version where you can increase the font size easily.


Reckon the easiest option is to check the page count as well. Larger book + same or similar page count = larger font size. Larger book + fewer pages = same or smaller font size.


I bet that in most cases the font will be small. Like others, I buy lots of stuff from Amazon JP in digital format and got two of these to read hard-copy materials.

In this situation the book could still have a larger font size.

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I don’t think this is a question exclusive to Japanese books, more of just general ‘book purchasing queries’. It depends heavily on the publisher and whether they prioritise book length or readability.

Generally, I’d say that not too many books will go over a certain scale, simply because it wouldn’t make sense. To many, it looks babyish (as it does in English) and it unnecessary increases the amount of pages needed and thus price of the book.

Wow, okay, I got far too invested in explaining the economics of book manufacturing there, but I hope it helped.

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