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あとがき % p. 212-213

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Vocab sheet

Artwork from volume 18

Fullcolor art

Vol 18, Ch 1, p 23

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Vol 18, Ch 7, p 159

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あとがき, p 212-213

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Historical Figures and Groups

Drake, Francis (Ch 5) Francis Drake - Wikipedia
Hawkins, John (Ch 5) John Hawkins (naval commander) - Wikipedia
House of Guise (Ch 2) Counts and dukes of Guise - Wikipedia
King of Navarre (Ch 2) Kingdom of Navarre - Wikipedia
Raleigh, Walter (Ch 6) Walter Raleigh - Wikipedia
Walsingham, Francis (Ch 5) Francis Walsingham - Wikipedia

The Royal Diagram

Places and Rivers

Calais (Ch 2) Calais - Wikipedia
Le Havre (Ch 2) Le Havre - Wikipedia

Historical Events, Things etc

ハリエニシダ Common gorse (Ch 9) Ulex europaeus - Wikipedia
Doctor Faustus (Ch 8) Doctor Faustus (play) - Wikipedia

Historical, geographical and other inaccuracies
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Chapter 1 thoughts

Seems Matsuoka-sensei isn’t going to dissolve the tension of the cliffhanger of last volume just yet. Instead, this chapter is a revisit of Jan and Raul…and just a couple of sentences in we dive right into a lemon. :blush: Raul seems to be getting all the good scenes. :smirk: :rofl:

Anyway, there’s more of that banter and pull between Jan and Raul, which I’m quite partial to. ^>^ Of course, first the third wheel needs to be gotten rid off. :eyes: Raul is quite the vicious lay (don’t forget the reach-around or else! :hocho: :fearful: ) I guess, Raul has the legal expertise to defend himself from any accusations? Seems pretty reckless all in all. ^^; lol how Jan is pretty much unfazed by it all. Now that I think of it, but this scene and others with Raul and Jan, are part of the reason I think of this series as 18+. Gratuitous bloodshed and murder while having sex, check! XD There is nothing safe or sane about these two. As I remember it, the karami was pretty excellent as well. ^^ + we’ve got chapter art to go with this scene as well.

There is also a tiny bit of plot development for these two, lol, which is about their continued involvement with the side of the war being launched by the Duke of Parma, which historically went awry from the start. Apparently Raul plans to bring Jan along on a ship to see how things go up close?

Chapter 2 thoughts

There is even more plot development on the side of the duke of Parma and Raul and Jan. Now Matsuoka-sensei is going straight to business. Just as it was during the trial, Raul proves his worth as an advisor to the duke.

Reading all this strategizing is pretty dense reading. I’m not sure I got all the bit and bobs about the planes laid out, but the main gist for sure. I kept wondering if fireworks was something that was actually used in navy battles at this time. Not sure about my reasoning here, since gunpowder existed, but when were fireworks invented or spread in Europe?

In any case, Jan is getting a big role here as the one to fire off the firework and explosives and betraying his allies. Poor guy just never gets a break. I can only hope that in the ensuing confusion somehow there will be Gloria and her crew there to save him once he gets into the water? And, the ship they intend to blow up, turns out to be Alonso’s ship. The stage is set for some real dramatic events moving forward. :fearful: :sweat_drops:

Chapter 3, thoughts

This chapter is Jeoffrey POV! :smiling_face: I’ve missed his voice these past volumes. Since Walsingham had to leave the Star Chamber for his estate, the proceedings are put off for the time being. Thankfully, Elisabeth is intent on bringing Jeoffrey back to health and so orders the court physician to tend to him. Robert Cecil even manag to argue for even better treatment, letting Nigel see him once a week. :relieved: Still, he looks like crap in the chapter art. :cry: I hate seeing Jeoffrey this weak and frail. Kaito, come save him soon! :sob:

I also feel like this chapter healed a lot of Jeoffrey’s and Nigel’s fraught relationship. In the end, they’re the closest friends they have. I love the introspection from Jeoffrey here, how important it is for him, having Nigel there to support him. :face_holding_back_tears:

Well, Jeoffrey is up to speed with the plan, but there’s a lot hanging in the air now that Thomas is dead. Well, the new orders from the queen is helpful for sure. But, as for freeing Jeoffrey, there’s quite a mountain for them to climb.

Chapter 4, thoughts

This chapter is checking in on how Marlow is doing and he’s received words to change locations and get to Drake’s residence. I’m honestly relieved to see he hasn’t been caught. :relieved: Kit muse over Walshingham’s personality and how things will go. Since his thoughts touch on the certainty of Kaito’s death, I guess, he doesn’t know about his trip to the future? :thinking: Also, when thinking it a miracle that he hasn’t been found yet.

I feel like the full color art of Kit is made for this chapter, maybe? ^>^

I also think Nigel should give Kit a chance. He seems like fun company, and in many ways a good counterpoint to himself. They would make for a fun pairing! ^>^

In any case, this chapter is a deep dive into Kit as a character and I think it allows for some good character development for sure.

Chapter 5, thoughts

The the co-conspirators are all gathered at Drake’s mansion, trying to figure out what to do about Kit’s situation. the good sensible plan of having him hide away at Lily’s cottage until spring comes around and they can set out to sea again, and then for Nigel to bring Kit to France where he can hide away…well, Kit isn’t interested in leaving England Nigel to Nigel’s immense frustration. :sweat_smile:

I feel like this fighting scene between Nigel and Kit was really cathartic. Nigel had to get it through his skull that Kit is serious about him, and he has no intention of living out his life alone in France, while his friends fight Spain. He want to be part of it, part of Nigel’s life and experiences. And Nigel can only concede that he has grown attached to Kit in turn. :face_holding_back_tears:

in the end, Kit ends up hiding at Robert Cecil’s place.

Chapter 6 thoughts

It’s hard to read about the horrid conditions Jeoffrey is suffering under, even as he’s no longer subjected to torture. :fearful: Nigel is doing what he can to pay for improvements, but it sounds like even if you did back then, there were few guarantees that things would improve - it sounds like a completely rotten system. :C Reading about him feeding Jeoffrey who’s too weak to even eat himself, really broke my heart. :sob: Even more so, when Jeoffrey starts asking Nigel to take care of things after his death. :sob: At the end, it seems Nigel is finally told the truth about Kaito?

Chapter 7 thoughts
Back for the second round of interrogation.Jeoffrey is more prepared this time, though his chances are bleak indeed. Still, he sets out explaining the weaknesses of the new type of Spanish ships and there’s a lot of nautical technicalities in this chapter, oh boy! :sweat_smile:

Of course, even with all this helpful information and explaining done, Walshingham is still not backing down from his accusation about Jeoffrey’s disloyaly/betrayal against England. So, he has to come up with counter plans for the military even (surely the high command should do a bit of work themselves. ^^; ) And it seems to have worked. It’s hard to think someone that works so hard for one’s country, to see them as a traitor. Of course, that’s when shit truly hits the fan - Walsingham is not finished with his accusations! >_>;;;;

He starts off with pointing out that Jeoffrey had not gotten permission for his rescue mission to Spain, then, obviously it was always going to boil down to this, the accusation of Jeoffrey’s lack of faith in God. And he’s also branded like Nigel and Kaito, in so, having already used up his chance of forgiveness. Things are about to get out of hand quickly as Nigel can’t stand to listen anymore to this nonsense. In the end, there is not release for Jeoffrey. Even if they cleared his name of the accusation of betrayal, he’s still “guilty” in other ways. Elisabeth is clearly not pleased with the finale of this drama, and is torn about her final judgement. In the end, Jeoffrey is transferred to the Clink, which is a big improvement along with Nigel and Drake being able to visit + the court doctor is to have a look as well, BUT he’ll remain locked up while having to wait for her final judgement. dun dun dun

Chapter 8, thoughts

The last order Nigel got from Jeoffrey, was to return to Plymouth to fulfill a promise he made during that prison visit. :eyes: (it was never said what). And to see to Gloria and her crew. So, in this chapter, Nigel is back in town, taking care of business and Kit is with him (+ Joan).

There’s a sad melancholy feel to this chapter, but I enjoy Kit and Nigel’s banter and so this chapter as well. :slight_smile: Well, after sorting things out with Rufus and Gloria, Nigel get Lily to come over to ask about sheltering Kit, but also about Kaito. I figured Jeoffrey would have said the truth here, but apparently not. XD Nigel were only told to seek Lily out for details. A bothersome role to take on for sure. :joy:

I do enjoy this sort of thing though, the big reveal! XD More like, how characters react to it. Nigel and Kit are unsurprisingly surprised! of course, neither of them believe her at first. But, like Kaito, she can tell the future and Kit ask about himself. When Lily mentions him writing Doctor Faustus, and even quoting him (good job on your theatre studies there Lily! :triumph:) Kit has little choice but to believe it! :astonished: it takes more of an emotional step for Nigel to also accept it - especially when knowing that Jeoffrey accepted Kaito fully.

Chapter 9 thoughts

Final chapter for this book. I was not expecting it, but it makes sense having read all of this, that the main character is very much not present in this volume. :joy: There were just too many things that had to take precedent and focus in the story before his arrival. I find that I don’t mind it really. the last volumes were very Kaito-Kazuya focused, so it felt nice to have some counterbalance for the stories of Nigel, Kit and Jeoffrey as the main focus. :slight_smile:

major spoilers
there a small time-skip here, from the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Which, puts us in the right timing for Kaito to make his time-jump. Nigel have been going to the Hoe every day it seems and tonight is the same timing as Lily appeared, so it’s the night to count on. It’s such a relief when Kaito gets back there. Stunning chapter art for Nigel carrying Kaito. :face_holding_back_tears: it’s like this huge release of emotion I felt. But, it only last for so long, as Kaito starts asking about Jeoffrey, reminding us of the urgency of getting him out of prison - or the day of his death will soon arrive. :sob:

It’s also great to see that this is like a kick-off for major change in the flow of the story, Kaito not as the one having to be saved, but the one doing the saving! dun dun dun

Can’t wait for the next volume!

I was joking before, but now I’m really thinking finishing the series in a week or two is within your grasp, @ekg, haha.


I’m kind of wanting to not read more, but I’m also very compelled to keep on going. :sweat_smile: Maybe, I’ll see if I can check out of some of the extras? We’ll see…

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The ones in the official 外伝 books I mentioned in the main thread are easily available and should all have a bit of meat on their bones if you want something substantial.

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I take a look! ^>^

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